Microsoft Power Apps Portals enable you to give web-based front-end experiences to your organizations external users, such as customers and partners. These responsive portals connect directly into Microsoft Dataverse database, where users can view or create data through model-driven forms, views, dashboards and more. Power Apps portals also come with authentication with LinkedIn, Facebook and other external services to give your users an easy login experience.

PowerApps Portals has vast capabilities in providing access to users and enabling them to perform required tasks based on the limitations bound to their role. As an admin, you can restrict any user to see or edit specific data. With the PowerApps Portal functions, internal and external can access the applications anonymously or through commercial social sites such as LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. The user is securely directed to their destined portal with an error-less authentication form which is set by the admin, who defines access to custom data and authorizes users to submit their private data smoothly.

PowerApps support organizations to design websites with custom themes that match the look and feel your company's branding. Imperium Dynamics has outstanding functional and technical skills when it comes to PowerApps and designing manageable Portals. Our team has mastered the art of launching intuitive websites and PowerApps Portals, giving a high-quality user experience. The exceptionally interactive Portals are connected with model-driven application views, forms, and charts to enhance user experience.

Imperium can help you build a customized Power Apps portal for your need with UI to match your brand, excellent user experience, integration with 3rd party systems, security permissions, and optimized performance. We have won a Microsoft award for our Power Apps portal implementations. Our team can guide you to define roles and access level to the organization-wide users, and make the use of Dataverse effectively. We promise to deliver you an end-to-end solution following best practices in Power Platform architecture, UI, and development that are integrated with other Power Platform services.


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Power Apps portals are great for any scenario where you want to give external users (or even internal users) access to your data through a web-based interface. Some common examples include appointment scheduling portals, support portals, and vendor portals. We use them ourselves at Imperium to provide access to customers for logging product support tickets.

Imperium's developers are experienced with coding beautiful pages that function well. We can customize the look and feel of Power Apps portals as much as needed to match your company's branding and delight your end-users.

Our team is skilled in user experience and human-centered design standards. We design flows that streamline processes and minimize user clicks. Work with us to design an ergonomic portal for your use case.

Yes, absolutely! Power Apps portals are very scalable. With enhanced page-per-view licensing, your portal will perform wonderfully. We have helped many customers with high traffic anticipation in optimizing their portal performance and guiding them with the right licensing.

An average Power Apps portal implementation takes about 3-4 weeks from analysis through deployment. For more complex scenarios, you can expect the process to take 6 weeks or longer.