Are you looking to adopt the Power Platform for automating your business scenarios, or are you already using it for in-house apps and Dynamics 365 applications?

We offer a 360-degree Managed Service, from platform hosting, to build and deployment, to post Go-Live support. If you are looking for a complete hosted service without involving your IT, or do not have an IT to maintain a tenant, our managed service offering is the right choice for you. We can set up your Azure tenant, set up your employees with Office 365 accounts, and deploy the Power Platform or the Dynamics 365 solutions you need.

Our team can take the burden off of maintaining and managing your Power Platform solutions, freeing up your IT team for those important internal initiatives. Utilizing our Managed Service means that you can sleep easy and let us deal with the headaches, if any. Our Managed Services division is proficient in security models and meeting business user expectations.


A Managed Service of Power Platform means that we take care of environment provisioning and maintenance challenges across all Power Platform services. We handle release management and downtimes for you and keeping your business up and running and freeing up your valuable IT team.

As part of our Managed Service offering, Imperium can set up a new Azure active directory for you and bring your users onboard Office 365 to use Dynamics 365 and Power Platform services.

We provision the needed licenses for your business and invoice you for them. The Managed Service is a hands free offering where you get to focus on the business and leave the IT to us.

We can either follow a hybrid model or keep your IT team in the loop and train them so that they can take over when needed.

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We provide guidance and strategic oversight to C-Suite and IT Directors for on-going implementations. Feel free to give us a call.

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