Designing your integration strategy is the key to making your data flow across your organization. Doing this piece right is absolutely necessary for the success of all applications within an enterprise. Imperium provides services to deploy an integration topology that will benefit you transactionally and give you peace of mind from a process standpoint.

To prevent your IT team from being consumed with constant and fixing for your applications, it is also crucial to build manageable and maintainable integrations. Imperium can help you make the right choices to do this from the start. However, if you have already started an enterprise integration and would like our oversight and review, feel free to reach out to us about that as well and we can help you through.


Imperium specializes in integrations to Microsoft Dataverse via Logic Apps and Power Automate.

We can help you leverage pre-built Microsoft connectors or write new integrations for non-supported systems.

Yes, we have plenty of experience with healthcare integrations following FHIR and HL7 standards. Some of our team worked on the development of the Microsoft Healthcare Accelerator for Dynamics 365. We have also integrated EPIC, Cerner, LIS systems, HIEs, and more into Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.

Yes! By bringing your data into the Microsoft Dataverse and building rapid applications on the Power Platform, we can help you centralize your data and remove siloes step-by-step.

If integrations are not executing with consistency it means there is an architecture problem or the integrations have not been designed with exception scenarios in place. We recommend a review of the architecture and approach.

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We provide guidance and strategic oversight to C-Suite and IT Directors for on-going implementations. Feel free to give us a call.

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