Do you have paper-based processes that take way too long? Are you tired of processing faxes via email inboxes?

Microsoft's AI Builder enables you to automate burdensome tasks. Imperium helps you build and train AI models with your data from Microsoft Dataverse, Power Apps, or Dynamics 365. AI Builder offers a range of capabilities, from classification to prediction to object detection. We can help you embed these components in Power Apps and automate manual processes with Power Automate.

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Yes, if you would like to digitize paper forms, AI Builder can meet your need. Imperium helps you build and train AI models to identify data from paper forms, then embed them into your Power Apps or Dynamics 365 processes.

Object detection and image recognition has broad applications across many business scenarios. For example, companies who sell products can improve customer experiences with support tickets by identifying product models through image recognition. Object detection can be used to count people for foot traffic analysis in brick-and-mortar stores or larger gatherings like festivals.

Imperium helps you identify the right Microsoft solutions for your business needs. Bring us your business challenges, and we will analyze the right technology solutions to solve them.