Power platform has grown rapidly, and with the latest and greatest offered in automation, it takes an experienced team to suggest the right solution and services to deploy on the platform. Imperium brings in a wealth of experience and Microsoft recognized architects to help you make the right choice in building a lasting solution. Organizations that want to adopt the platform for internal processes or external customer-facing processes need to consider data security and place the correct guard rails around their critical data from leaving the organization unintended. As a Microsoft partner, Imperium can help you create a center of excellence to adapt the platform in a structured and secure manner. So you benefit from process automation, create citizen developers, and ensure an organized and secure usage of the capabilities offered.

"Power Platform is the extensibility model for Microsoft 365, it's the extensibility model for Dynamics 365, and by the way, it can integrate with Salesforce, it can integrate with Workday, it can integrate with SAP or what have you," says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Our 2 week POC offering can help you envision a solution for solving that business problem that needs automation or you can start with deploying our Imperium365CRM (Basic) solution built on top of Power Platform without any cost to move out of paper, email and excel. This simple CRM is what we use in house for our sales and case management scenarios. See what it can do for you. Kick off your POC project with a minimal cost.

Gartner's leader in low code platform benefiting from the eco system of office 365 and with a path to Dynamics 365 applications.

Power platform is democratizing access to high end technology like AI builder, power virtual agents and power BI

Imperium maintains an awarded and certified team of Power platform professionals who will guide you to the correct solutions, train you on adoption and maintenance and bring value of experience and architecture approach.

Yes, we provide power platform support services as well as managed services. Contact us to get started.

Contact us and one of our friendly support staff or sometimes our CEO himself will reach out to you, but no promises on that one.

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We provide guidance and strategic oversight to C-Suite and IT Directors for on-going implementations. Feel free to give us a call.

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Numbers That Make a Meaningful Difference for Your Business

Automating business processes can create a substantial difference in organization effectiveness. Company's are moving to platforms that provide continuous innovation without having to replace and rebuild.

Fortune 500 Power Platform adopters 96%

Scalability 100%

Integration 95%

Customization 96%

Ease of use 99%