Imperium Dynamics is all set to fuel innovation in your team with the Citizen Development Training Package designed to train and empower employees to forge innovative technologies through the Power Platform. Our specialized training program backed by Power Derby exercises equips employees, irrespective of department and function, with the knowledge and tools to create advanced solutions. Such solutions stand to revolutionize company operations and processes, enhancing individual capabilities across the board.

We recommend this program to any company aiming to maintain its competitive edge in the rapidly evolving landscape of technology. Your next remarkable technological breakthrough could be crafted by one of your employees today – and all they require is the right training

CDT: Your Gateway to Growth

Empower your organization to drive digital transformation with our Citizen Development Training Packages, designed to leverage Power Platform and create tailored solutions.

Relieving IT Burden and Enhancing Focus

Our Citizen Development Training Packages strategically alleviates IT workload challenges by redistributing app development across the organization, freeing IT to prioritize core functions. This optimized allocation ensures robust security, governance, and operational stability, elevating technological resilience and overall efficacy.

Rapid Innovation

Through our hands-on Power Derby exercises, employees experience the transformative potential of Power Platform firsthand. This dynamic approach facilitates rapid ideation, prototyping, and refinement of ideas into functional applications.

Unleashing Higher ROI Solutions

Through CD events and Power Derby exercises, our training packages encourage employees to ideate, innovate, and create new technologies. The environment of creativity and learning fosters the development of solutions that can deliver significant returns on investment. These innovative products have the potential to revolutionize operational processes, reduce costs, and increase revenue, leading to a substantial ROI.

Operational Efficiency and Process Improvement

Shift from IT-centric solutions. Equip your team to identify operational inefficiencies through Citizen Development Training and help them utilize Power Platform to design tailored applications, enhancing efficiency and simplifying processes.

Citizen Development Training Packages

Train, Enable, and Empower your Team with Citizen Development Training


Empower your leadership team to establish a robust culture of citizen development within your company and drive it forward to spearhead impactful digital transformation initiatives.



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