Power Apps is Microsoft's low-code app development product. A tool for quickly building simple, scalable business applications, Power Apps is a great product for organizations looking to digitize data capture or bring their data into a centralized database for greater connectivity with other systems. Microsoft provides hundreds of connectors to facilitate integrations – in just a few clicks. Furthermore, Power Apps is part of the Azure cloud and therefore inherits the top-tier security for cloud solutions.

Both Gartner and Forrester named Power Apps as a Leader in Low-Code Applications in 2020.1,2

  1. 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low Code Application Platforms
  2. The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms For AD&D Professionals, Q1 2019

With automation enabled in Power Apps, our team has top-notch talent with Canvas apps and Model-driven apps, bringing out their deepest capabilities - which are much more than simple drag and drop functionality. Power Platform offers expansive capabilities. Therefore, building an efficient and seamless custom solution on Power Apps requires deep expertise of the platform features and how to assemble them to work together for your benefit. Imperium Dynamics has a sharp team of experienced functional and technical consultants to develop intelligent applications fulfilling your business needs. Focusing on your target KPIs, we take up the hard work of designing an end-to-end solution for you to directly your operational goals and target metrics. Our brilliant developers build efficient, robust applications in short time, getting you up and running faster than developing in-house.

PowerApps offers a lot more than developing low-code applications. Take a step forward and configure custom applications based on a complex programming language to achieve every custom logic or functionality that you want to execute. Whether simple or complex business scenarios, low or high user volumes, we can bring out the best the Power Platform has to offer to drive improved operational efficiency and performance for your organization.


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Growing businesses need their technology to evolve and adopt with time to continue supporting their business operations. Power Apps cover the gap between off the shelf software like Salesforce, WorkDay, Dynamics or SAP and costly custom development by providing a low-code framework with built in connectors to those applications. It can be used to swiftly extend the applications you already use and add on business processes to resolve pains and address automation needs in weeks not months, at a fraction of the cost.

Imperium has a team of certified engineers that can build high-performing, professional-grade apps for you - apps that are maintainable, extendable and optimized for performance. We can also take over existing apps and optimize them, providing performance and visual uplifts.

With the Power Platform supporting low-code development, simple apps can be built in less than a day. However, enterprise-grade applications that carry complex business logic can take much longer, depending on scope.

With Microsoft's built-in premium connectors, you won't need to spend time writing data integrations with most other systems, such as SAP and Salesforce.

You do not necessarily need Dynamics 365 if you have simpler, smaller-scale business processes. Dynamics 365 offers more robust capabilities, including AI, more sophisticated workflows and logic, as well as many more out-of-the-box entities. Power Platform offers many of the same capabilities with slightly limited functionality and fewer standard entities.

Imperium can build custom Power Platform applications from scratch configured for your specific business processes. We also implement Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service. For more details on D365, check out our Dynamics 365 FAQs page.

If you're looking for something pre-built to try out on Power Platform, you can start with Imperium365 CRM (Basic), our free CRM solution which you can install and use in your environment. We can also extend or tailor the application for your business.

Microsoft offers two options for Power Apps pricing.

  1. Per app plan – this option allows you to pay per user/month - for each app. Select this option if most of your users will only interact with 1 or 2 apps at a time. The Per app plan costs $10 per user/app/month.
  2. Per user plan – this plan allows each user to run unlimited apps for $40 per user/month. The Per user plan is the best choice for organizations planning for their users to interact with many Power Apps.

If you are organization with a growing number of citizen developers, we recommend implementing Microsoft's Center of Excellence kit to set the right guardrails around your sensitive data.

Both are different application frameworks and the easiest way to understand them is with the limitation/advantage each one has over the other.

While model-driven apps are more powerful and bring in built-in functionality - i.e. exporting to excel, the activation and deactivation of records, etc. - they can run only on the Dataverse database. Model-driven apps also have a more rigid UI – only allowing simple changes like color themes.

Canvas apps, on the other hand, can run on any data source but are blank to start with and each functionality needs to be written in. Canvas apps also offer more visual flexibility.

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