Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides a robust application for end-to-end customer service needs, for triaging customer needs through resolving customer service cases. Dynamics 365 enables customer self-service experiences, including chatbots and knowledge-base portals to help them find the information they need quickly and on demand. Routing rules ensure that when needed, the right customer service agent gets notified to continue the chat or take a live call. Microsoft is a leader in artificial intelligence and provides many forms of AI-based predictions and analytics, sentiment analysis, and more. With add-ins for omnichannel messaging, embedded IoT alerts, and Co-Pilot Studio, the Dynamics 365 Customer Service product has plenty to offer, whatever the scale or level of automation you need.

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Microsoft offers two versions of Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Professional and Enterprise. The Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional product comes with Case Management, Knowledge Management, Mobile access, lead creation, and integration to Office 365 and Power BI.

The Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise product comes with all the above, as well as Unified Service Desk, Embedded Intelligence, Context-Driven Suggestions, Service Gamification, Multisession Support, Portals, and Analytics and KPI reporting.

While the Enterprise product can be extensively modified, the Professional product provides limited customization options. Licenses for both products come with unlimited named users.

Imperium can help you implement your initial Dynamics 365 for Customer Service solution, set up add-ins, modify or upgrade your current implementation, and/or integrate Customer Service with other systems.

Omnichannel for Customer Service is an add-on to Dynamics 365 Customer Service that enables messaging between customers and service agents through live chat across many messaging channels, including voice, chat, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and many more. The application enables customer identification and live chat in context with the unified customer profile, so agents can access knowledge articles, view customer history, or create customer service cases – all while messaging with a customer.

With Omnichannel for Customer Service, routing and distribution rules can be configured to ensure each agents receives messages from the best matches for their experience and areas of expertise.

This application can be licensed on top of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise product.

The Chat Add-in for Dynamics 365 Customer Service enables live chat between agents and customers through the Customer Service interface. The Digital Messaging Add-in enables both live chat and chatbots for routing conversations to agents or sharing resource links with customers.

Microsoft enables Connected Customer Service for customers using Azure IoT Central or Azure IoT Hub.

Defined rules and actions in Azure IoT can create activities and alerts in Connected Customer Service. Activities related to services can also be synced back to Azure IoT. Depending on whether you use Azure IoT Central or Azure IoT Hub, the integration setup will be different.