Built on the latest Microsoft Power Platform Services stack, Imperium365CRM (Basic) helps you start moving out of the paper and excel world and adopt a customer relationship application - without any cost. Our solution is simultaneously simple, powerful, and user-friendly. Give your employees their choice of interface with our connected web and mobile applications. Imperium365CRM (Basic) is designed by Microsoft's Power Platform Recognized Solution Architects to make sure you have the right solution to extend functionality, either by yourself or by engaging us.

Key Features

  • Potential Customers, Customers and Opportunity management
  • Basic Case Management
  • Simplified opportunity conversion
  • A mobile and tablet-friendly Canvas App
  • Support Portal Add-on
  • Power Virtual Agent Add-on

Imperium365CRM (Basic) is built on the Microsoft Power Platform. In order to deploy the application, you will need Microsoft Power Apps licenses. Imperium does not charge any license fees. You can deploy Imperium365CRM (Basic) for free, or we can deploy it for you for a small service charge.

Both Dynamics 365 and Imperium365CRM (basic) are built on top of the Power Platform. Imperium365CRM (Basic) is a more affordable option for organizations looking to quickly and cost-effectively adopt a basic CRM to step away from paper or excel-based processes. Dynamics 365 offers a more robust set of capabilities with AI and other add-ins, a great fit for enterprises needing advanced marketing or call center capabilities. With similar user interfaces and experiences, Imperium365CRM (Basic) can also be a great stepping stone to adopting a CRM platform like Dynamics 365.

Yes! We offer a path to adopting Dynamics Applications such as full-scale Customer Service or Field Service. If you are evaluating those, Imperium365CRM (Basic) is a good start to experience a similar user interfaces. If after trying Imperium365CRM (Basic), you decide to move to Dynamics 365, we can convert your data and load it directly into Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, or Field Service.

The Support Portal add-on enables your customers interact with you through messaging, log support cases into your CRM, and submit their company profiles.

Our responsive Canvas App can be used on mobile or tablet devices. With multiple user interfaces, you can create opportunities as you talk to potential customers, or check on an in-progress case on-the-go. The mobile app has been designed to keep you updated with the latest information, anywhere you go.