Improved Patient Care

By offering healthcare providers a comprehensive ... and detailed overview of their patients' health information, this system empowers them to make more informed decisions regarding patient care. This holistic perspective allows for personalized treatment plans and interventions, ultimately leading to an elevated standard of healthcare delivery.

Increased Efficiency

This system empowers healthcare providers by ... streamlining clinical workflows and alleviating administrative tasks, leading to a substantial boost in overall efficiency and productivity. By automating data integration across multiple systems, healthcare professionals are liberated from the time-consuming task of manual data entry. This not only preserves valuable time but also greatly diminishes the potential for errors that may arise from manual input, resulting in a more streamlined and error-resistant process.

Reduced Costs

This solution proves to be crucial in helping healthcare ... organizations trim expenses by eradicating expensive inefficiencies. It does this by enhancing the overall patient experience and minimizing the occurrence of missed appointments. By streamlining operations and enhancing patient satisfaction, the system contributes to a more cost-effective and resource-efficient healthcare environment.

Improved Patient Experience

This provides patients With ... increased access to their own health information and facilitates more effective communication with their healthcare providers. This level of engagement ultimately translates into a significantly enhanced patient experience. By fostering transparent and efficient interactions, the platform empowers patients to take a more active role in their own healthcare journey, which leads to an improved patient's experience.

What is Imperium Health Cloud

Imperium Health Cloud (IHC) is a cutting-edge management solution, driven by data. It streamlines the integration of electronic medical records (EMR) into Microsoft Business Applications, giving healthcare providers unparalleled access to critical patient information. IHC's flexible framework and customizable modules enable tailored solutions that seamlessly integrates into Power Platform, Dynamic 365, and the entirety of Microsoft’s product suite. This results in organizations driving optimal efficiency across various facets of their operations.

IHC's interoperability are all designed to revolutionize healthcare operations. These solutions are, but not limited to streamline workflows, reduce administrative tasks, and more importantly a better experience for patients. By enabling seamless data exchange and vendor management across diverse IT systems, this eliminates the costly inefficiencies and negative impact on patient experience and finances that healthcare providers often suffer due to system interoperability issues. With IHC's innovative solutions, healthcare providers can now confidently navigate a more efficient and patient-centric future.

IHC's Process Ensuring Success

By working with Imperium Dynamics, you can ensure that your IHC deployment is a success and that you are able to reap the full benefits of this powerful healthcare solution. The delivery process of IHC can be summarized in four phases: Procure, Deploy, Prepare, and Launch.


Start by finding the transformation strategy that’s right for you. Define and prioritize your strategy using development activities, then foster ideation and drive decision making.


Quantify the value of your business transformation with an executive-ready proposal including business and technological impact.


Help others across your organization see the value in your business transformation story by creating visual assets and immersive experiences.


Execute your strategy and ensure a smooth launch with the right resources —and then measure its success.

Features for Imperium Health Cloud Core

Unified Patient Master Profile

This system integrates critical patient data from various sources, such as location, payer information, scheduled appointments, past procedures/surgeries done, insurance plan, and much more. It provides a clear summary of their interactions, medical history, and other relevant information. This gives healthcare providers a complete picture of a patient's health. It helps them offer the best possible care tailored to each individual.

Multi-System Integration Framework

IHC gathers information from various sources, like scheduling and billing systems, to form a unified and comprehensive patient record across an organization's IT infrastructure. This eliminates the need for healthcare providers to manually enter data into multiple systems, which can save time and reduce errors.

Connect your EMR to Microsoft

Seamless integration with Athena One and Cerner, with the option for custom development to connect with other EMRs, provides healthcare providers with a centralized platform for accessing comprehensive patient health information. This consolidated view streamlines care and enhanced decision-making.

Configurable Patient Matching

Healthcare providers can establish rules for automated data synchronization to ensure it accurately aligns with the correct patient records. Additionally, IHC offers the option for manual review of potential matches when necessary. This dual approach guarantees that patient data remains precise and current.

Analytics & Reporting

This leverages Microsoft Power BI and Dynamics dashboards to provide healthcare providers with cross-system reporting capabilities. This allows healthcare providers to gain insights into their data and identify areas where they can improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery.

Health Cloud Modules

Offers a variety of health cloud modules designed to automate standard business operations, including HIPAA, GFE, PROM, Care Journey, and Appointment reminders. These modules serve to enhance healthcare providers' workflow efficiency and streamline their processes.

Use Cases of Imperium Health Cloud

Patient Records Consolidation

The IHC system can integrate with various data sources, consolidating patient information from EMRs, scheduling systems, and billing systems into a unified record. This ensures that healthcare providers have a comprehensive view of each patient's medical history and treatment plans.

Appointment Reminders

The IHC system can automate appointment scheduling, send reminders to patients, and manage appointment calendars for healthcare providers. This minimizes no-shows and ensures optimal utilization of clinical resources.

Unified Clinical Workflow

By synchronizing data across different departments and systems, the IHC system helps in streamlining clinical workflows. For example, it can facilitate seamless communication between clinicians, nurses, and administrative staff, ensuring a coordinated approach to patient care.

Modules of Imperium Health Cloud

HIPAA Compliant Texting

The module allows healthcare providers to communicate with patients via SMS in a secure and HIPAA-compliant manner. It includes a number of features that help ensure patient data is protected, such as auto-responses for messages received outside of office hours, HIPAA consent tracking, and the ability to text a related person.
HIPAA Compliant Texting works by using a secure SMS gateway to encrypt all patient data. This means that only authorized users can access patient data, and that data is protected from being intercepted by unauthorized parties.


Auto Responses

Improves patient satisfaction by ensuring that patients receive a timely response to their messages, even when the office is closed. For example, if a patient sends a text message to their doctor inquiring about a symptom after office hours, they will promptly receive an automated reply, assuring them that their message will be addressed on the next business day.

HIPAA Consent

Protects patient privacy by ensuring that patient data is not shared without their consent. For example, if a patient sends a text message to their doctor inquiring about a lab result, and the system identifies that it contains protected health information (PHI), an automated response with a HIPAA Consent Message is triggered. Upon the patient's affirmative response of 'Y' to authorize HIPAA-compliant SMS communication, the doctor can then securely share the lab result via text.

Texting Related People

Enhances patient-provider communication by enabling healthcare providers to text individuals associated with the patient, such as family members or caregivers. For instance, if a patient's family member sends a text message to the patient's doctor inquiring about the patient's condition, the doctor can respond directly via text, providing timely updates on the patient's progress.

Good Faith Estimator Module

The IHC module assists healthcare providers in producing precise estimates of patient liabilities. Its features encompass bill charge and contract rate management, seamless integration with EMRs, accurate patient estimate calculations, and effective dispute management to ensure up-to-date and accurate estimates.
This module operates by utilizing patient, insurance, and provider details to compute estimated patient responsibilities for forthcoming appointments. Through integration with EMRs, it effortlessly retrieves patient and insurance information, further enhancing accuracy in estimates.


Settings and Setup

This streamlines the setup and administration of estimates by offering a centralized location for all relevant information. For example, within this module, a healthcare provider can easily establish and manage their practice's contracts, insurance payers, payment rates, insurance plans, available services, practitioners, and locations.

Estimate Calculations

Improves the accuracy of patient responsibility estimates through a thorough consideration of patient details, insurance coverage, and provider agreements. For instance, when a patient schedules an appointment for a particular service, the module utilizes their insurance plan and the agreed-upon rates with the provider to calculate an accurate estimate of the patient's financial responsibility for the appointment. This ensures transparency and helps patients plan for their healthcare expenses more effectively.

Sharing Estimates

Improves patient communication by providing patients with multiple ways to access their estimates. For example, a patient receives an email or SMS with a link to the portal where after entering a password they can access their Good Faith Estimate. The patient also has the option of downloading an offline copy from the Power Apps Page. This multifaceted approach ensures that patients have convenient and accessible means to review their estimates, promoting transparency and informed decision-making regarding their healthcare expenses

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROM)

The Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) Module seamlessly integrates patient insights into every step of the journey. Through pre-configured questionnaires for specialties like orthopedics and OB/GYN, the PROM Module listens to patients' experiences, pain levels, and overall well-being. This real-time data flows directly into the EMR system, empowering doctors to tailor treatment plans, adjust medications, and monitor progress with unprecedented precision.

The PROM Module is more than just data collection; it's about patient engagement. HCAPS-aligned surveys gather honest feedback on communication, pain management, and overall care, driving continuous improvement in hospitals and departments. Dynamic survey assignments and reminders keep patients invested in their own care, while the configurable engine allows healthcare providers to personalize questionnaires with scoring rules and dynamic logic for truly insightful data.


Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Access pre-configured questionnaire templates for specialties like Orthopedics and OBGYN. Seamlessly integrate responses and scores with the EMR system, enhancing patient engagement and treatment planning.

HCAPS Patient Satisfaction Templates

Utilize pre-configured templates aligned with HCAPS standards for departments. Collect anonymous responses via kiosk mode for honest feedback.

Dynamic Assignment and Reminders

Assign surveys manually or based on triggers, ensuring consistent participation. Send reminders through emails, SMS, or push notifications to keep patients engaged.

Configurable Questionnaires

Customize existing templates or create new ones via the configuration engine. Integrate scoring rules and dynamic logic based on patient responses for valuable insights.

Care Journeys Module

This IHC module helps healthcare providers manage and coordinate care for their patients. The module includes a number of features that help ensure patients receive the care they need, such as patient segmentation, care journeys, and care plans.
It works by using patient data to identify and segment patients into different groups. The module then helps create care journeys for each group of patients, which are pathways that define the types of care activities that should be done for patients in that group. It acts as a road to recovery for the patients. Care plans are also created for each patient, which are lists of care activities that the patient is prescribed to follow and care plan goals that are expected to be achieved by the end of the care plan’s implementation.


Patient Segments

Improves the efficiency of care management by allowing healthcare providers to target their outreach efforts to specific patient populations. For example, a healthcare provider creates a dynamic segment of patients with prediabetes. The provider then uses this segment to send out emails to these patients about ways to prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes.

Care Journeys

Increases the quality of care by ensuring that patients receive the care they need in a timely and coordinated manner. For example, a healthcare provider creates a care journey for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The care journey includes activities such as scheduling checkups, sending out educational materials, and ordering lab tests.

Appointment Reminders

This IHC module helps healthcare providers send automated appointment reminders to patients. It includes a number of features that help ensure patients receive timely reminders about their appointments, such as configurable settings for reminder timing, reminder templates, and consent preferences.
The module works by using patient data and appointment data to send automated reminders to patients. The module can send reminders via SMS and email, and patients can respond to reminders to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointments.


Settings & Setup Data

Simplifies the process of setting up and managing appointment reminders by providing a centralized location for all relevant information. For example, a healthcare provider sets up their preferred reminder timings and Communication channel in the Appointment Reminders module.

Reminder Templates

Enhances the efficiency of creating and sending appointment reminders by providing pre-written templates that can be customized as needed. For example, A healthcare provider creates an email template for appointment reminders that includes the patient's name, appointment date and time, appointment type, and location. The provider can then customize the template to include additional information, such as directions to the appointment location.

Consent Preferences

Improves patient satisfaction by ensuring that patients only receive appointment reminders via their preferred communication methods. For example, a patient's preferred communication method is SMS. The Appointment Reminders module sends the patient appointment reminders via SMS only, even though the patient has also consented to receive reminders via email.

Sending Reminders

Reduces the number of missed appointments by sending timely and effective appointment reminders to patients. For example, a patient receives an SMS reminder one day before their appointment. The patient confirms their appointment by replying to the SMS message.

Broadcast Messages

Improves patient education by sending patients important information about their upcoming procedures or appointments. For example, a healthcare provider sends a broadcast message to all patients with a scheduled colonoscopy procedure. The message includes instructions on how to prepare for the procedure.

Deploy IHC to Solve for your Healthcare Use Cases

Unleash the transformative power of Imperium Health Cloud (IHC) and revolutionize your healthcare operations. IHC is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that streamlines data management, eliminates silos, and fosters seamless interoperability, empowering healthcare businesses of all sizes to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and collaboration.

IHC's modular architecture provides the flexibility to tailor solutions to your needs. Whether you implement IHC Core, our foundational platform, or opt for off-the-shelf modules, you can rest assured that IHC can be seamlessly integrated into your IT infrastructure.

IHC provides healthcare providers with a holistic view of patient data, enabling informed decision-making and personalized care. IHC's robust analytics capabilities empower you to identify trends, predict outcomes, and optimize resource allocation.

Deploy Imperium Health Cloud Core

Connect your Athena One instance and integrate with additional clinical system as needed.

Activate IHC Modules

  • Get a pre-built set of modules that can be activated and used immediately.
  • HIPAA-Compliant Texting
  • Good Faith Estimator
  • Patient-Reported Outcome Measures
  • Care Journeys
  • Appointment Reminders

Build Custom Solutions

  • Get a solution designed and customized according to your business needs.
  • Automate or digitize a custom business process with Power Platform or Dynamics 365 using your clinical data.

Schedule a Free Consultation Call

Embrace the future of healthcare with Imperium Health Cloud and experience the power of connected data-driven healthcare. Schedule a demo today and see how Imperium Dynamics can help you improve patient care, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction.

Customer Success Story

See what Allergy Partners has to say about us

Allergy Partners: Empowered by
Imperium Health Cloud (IHC)

Allergy Partners is a leading provider of allergy, asthma, and immunology care in the United States. As part of their business, Allergy Partners is constantly invested in handling patient and practitioners’ data. They were facing a number of significant challenges with their existing healthcare system.

Imperium Dynamics had a vision to help Allergy Partners improve their operational efficiency and drive growth by providing them with a digital platform that could unify their data and streamline their processes. To achieve this vision, Imperium Dynamics implemented Imperium Health Cloud (IHC) at Allergy Partners. IHC has helped Allergy Partners to achieve digital transformation within their organization. The platform has helped them to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients, reduce the risk of errors, save money, and improve patient satisfaction. The new system is a success now, being operated by more than 300 users.

Cody Proctor

Cody Proctor Director of Application Services, Allergy Partners

“We’re now able to automate the patient estimation process, track compliance across locations, and view deep reporting insights on estimate utilization.  And now our Managed Care and Credentialing teams can update contracts in 1 hour instead of 5 days!”