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Are your processes outdated, and innovation stagnant? You are not sure about your digital transformation goal, and it is impacting your profitability and operations. Look nowhere, Imperium Dynamics is offering Microsoft sponsored Dynamics 365 - Envisioning Assessment. As part of the assessment, we will help you create scenarios to clarify the digital transformation vision that will serve as the blueprint for the next steps in your customer’s engagement journey. Our facilitators will use design-thinking concepts to help your business decision makers establish primary business goals and encourage them to think beyond simply making existing processes more efficient.  

Assessment Roadmap: Dynamics 365 - Envisioning


Our Dynamics 365 experts will conduct interviews with your business decision makers to develop an understanding of your business model and functions. This phase aims to identify challenges and document next steps in the form of a journey map.


Capture findings and devise recommendations to assist your digital transformation journey.


We will help you curate high-priority transformation scenarios to achieve ongoing innovation within your business environment. Depending on your business use case – we may help you build a minimal viable product (MVP) that addresses one of the envisioned scenarios (in a pre-production environment).   



Specify essential Dynamics 365 features for immediate improvement for identified challenges and business objectives.


Ensure the Dynamics 365 product delivered aligns with business functions, resources, and strategic goals for feasible implementation.


Deliver a functional MVP for Dynamics 365, providing realized value and a foundation for further modifications based on your feedback.


According to a Forrester study:

Organizations realized a 90 percent ROI with Dynamics 365.

Increased production volume capacity from 10% to 15% faster time-to-market.

Increased revenue 5% from better product quality.

Benefits of Taking This Assessment

Clear Digital Transformation Vision

By engaging in the assessment, businesses can gain better understanding of their digital transformation goals and objectives. It will help them align efforts across the organization and ensure everyone is working towards the same vision.

Blueprint for Next Steps

By establishing a clear vision, the assessment serves as a blueprint for the next steps in your customer engagement journey. It provides a roadmap that outlines the necessary actions and initiatives to be taken to realize the envisioned digital transformation.

Improved Profitability

By identifying potential areas of innovation, businesses can streamline processes, reduce inefficiencies, and ultimately improve profitability. The assessment helps business realize opportunities for cost savings and revenue generation through planned digital transformation roadmap.


In the ever-evolving tech landscape, it's essential for businesses to adapt. By taking this assessment and developing a digital transformation roadmap, businesses can future-proof themselves and ensure long-term success.

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