Dynamics 365 Sales Hub


In a world where quick and effective communication is key, our SMS solution ensures that you stay connected with your leads and clients effortlessly. No more missed opportunities or delayed responses – with Text Messaging for Dynamics 365 Sales Hub, you can engage with your prospects in real-time, building meaningful connections that drive conversions.


Text Messaging for Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers a comprehensive suite of features that transform your process:


Keep leads engaged throughout the sales journey with real-time updates about their status, qualified leads, opportunity creation, and more.


Use Cases

A clothing company nudges lukewarm leads with SMS reminders about abandoned carts, upcoming webinars, or free trials to convert them into paying customers.

An online store sends an email to its subscribers with a discount code for their birthday. The email includes a personalized message and a link to the store's website.

A sales manager initiates one-on-one conversations with leads and contacts via SMS chat to schedule follow-up calls, meetings, or product demonstrations.

A retail firm send contracts, proposals, or other relevant documents directly through SMS for easy access and review by contacts and stakeholders.

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