Dynamics Sales CPQ is a powerful quote management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. It encompasses all the necessary functionalities for easy product configuration, swift quoting, efficient order creation, and seamless business execution. The model-driven app and intuitive customer-facing portal empower businesses to create a comprehensive product catalog effortlessly while customers can conveniently request quotes at competitive prices. Imperium Sales CPQ leverages the existing Dynamics Sales licenses, making it a cost-effective solution for business needs.

Features of Dynamics Sales CPQ

Quickly generate professional and accurate quotes with Dynamics Sales CPQ. The system simplifies the quote creation process, saving time and ensuring consistency in your sales proposals.


Use Cases

Dynamics Sales CPQ streamlines the quoting process, ensuring manufacturers can swiftly generate accurate quotes based on complex product configurations. From intricate machinery to customized components, the solution optimizes pricing strategies, manages discounts, and minimizes errors. With a centralized system, manufacturers can improve collaboration between sales and engineering teams, accelerating the quote-to-order cycle and ultimately increasing overall productivity.

For software and technology companies navigating the fast-paced market, Dynamics Sales CPQ is a game-changer. The solution enables sales teams to create customized quotes for diverse software solutions and technology services. It ensures accurate pricing, aligns with licensing models, and accommodates complex bundling scenarios. With efficient integration into existing CRM systems, it streamlines the sales process, facilitating faster responses to customer inquiries and providing a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.

In the healthcare sector, precision and compliance are non-negotiable. Dynamics Sales CPQ caters to the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers and suppliers. It assists in configuring complex healthcare solutions, generating compliant quotes, and managing regulatory requirements. From medical equipment to service packages, the system ensures transparent pricing, facilitates collaboration between sales and compliance teams, and expedites the quote approval process. This not only improves efficiency but also ensures that healthcare professionals can focus on delivering exceptional care without administrative hindrances.

Navigating the intricacies of chemical distribution requires a comprehensive solution, and Dynamics Sales CPQ fits the bill. It addresses the complexities of pricing volatile commodities, managing bulk orders, and adhering to stringent safety regulations. The system assists in creating accurate and compliant quotes, considering factors such as quantity discounts, transportation costs, and regulatory compliance. By providing real-time insights into inventory levels and order status, the solution empowers sales teams to make informed decisions and ensures a streamlined process from quote to delivery in the chemical distribution industry.

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