How to use ParseJson function in Canvas Apps

| Mustafa Usmani

The ParseJson function in Power Apps allows you to parse a JSON string and convert it into a table or record. This can be useful when you are working with APIs or other external data sources that return data in JSON format, as it allows you to easily access and manipulate the data in your app.

To use the ParseJson function, you will need to first have a JSON string that you want to parse. This can be a string variable or a string literal. Then, you can use the ParseJson function like this:

The ParseJson function will return a table or record with the data from the JSON string. You can then access the data in the table or record using the dot notation, just like you would with any other table or record in Power Apps.

For example, let's say you have a JSON string like this:

You could use the ParseJson function to parse this JSON string and access the data like this:

This would create three variables, name, age, and location, and set their values to "John", 30, and "New York", respectively.

You can also use the ParseJson function with arrays in your JSON string. For example, let's say you have a JSON string like this:

To access the data for each employee, you can use a ForAll function like this:

This will create a collection called employees that contains a record for each employee, with the name, age, and location fields set to the appropriate values.

That's it! With the ParseJson function, you can easily parse JSON strings and access the data in your Power Apps canvas app.

Join us next time, as we continue our journey of learning canvas apps.Click here to learn more about Imperium's Power Apps Services. We hope this information was useful, and we look forward to sharing more insights into the Power Platform world.

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