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Trying to ensure data loss prevention for applications built on Power Platform? Still unsure how to secure your environment to witness the highest ROI on Power Platform investment? Look nowhere; we have got you covered.
Imperium Dynamics offers the Microsoft-sponsored free Power Platform CoE Overview to identify how the CoE starter kit best aligns with your business objectives while providing recommendations tailored to your business needs.
With this assessment, we will outline CoE basics, create a CoE Strategy, establish an environment structure, prepare data loss prevention policies, and assist in growing usage and adoption of Power Platform in line with Business and IT users.  


Define clear goals and outcomes of your Center of Excellence.


Gain insights into your Microsoft's Power Platform.


Establish audit and compliance issues.


Accelerate your adoption by thriving with a community of makers.

Assessment Roadmap


We will Interview stakeholders in your organization to assess and document current CoE methodology, governance & security processes and identify areas for improvement.  


The activity will conclude with the insights drawn from the results and the next steps for continued COE refinement. It will provide a technology expansion plan with account stakeholders as a potential adoption plan.


Based on your organization's needs, we will deliver engagements that may be conducted in up to 5-10 virtual sessions over four weeks. We will help establish governance, identify best practices, apply governance, and enable robust compliance for Power Platform technology and processes.  

Why your Business Needs CoE

As per Forrester, with CoE,

Application development costs have been reduced by 48%. 

Production planners have achieved a 75% reduction in time spent creating schedules.  

Use Cases  

Financial Services

Power Platform CoE can help financial service companies achieve greater efficiency, agility, and security, ultimately driving significant business value. It can automate the loan approval process and help with ensuring compliance.

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Want to explore more about Power Platform Centre of Excellence and how your business can benefit from it? Book a consultation call immediately to enroll for a free Power Platform CoE Overview.

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