Are you looking for a way to accelerate your Power Platform adoption and unlock its full potential? Do you want to relieve the burden off your IT team? Imperium Dynamics Managed Services for Microsoft Power Platform is a comprehensive suite of services that helps you get the most out of your Power Platform investment. Our team is composed of experienced Power Platform experts who are passionate about helping our customers succeed. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service and support.

We offer different packages to organizations of all sizes, making sure your requirements are met.

Beyond Power Service ($20000/month)

Rapidly accelerate your growth by allowing us to manage and care for your Power Platform and AAD back-end. We aim to assist you in efficiently managing Power Platform features and applications, enabling you to concentrate on company growth without being hindered by data and security concerns. Our team of skilled experts is here to support you.


Dedicated projects governance, project managers, coaching and mentoring

Environment health management

Business application license management

Storage capacity constraint management

Backup and disaster recovery

Environment access and Azure AD account management

Benefits of the Beyond Power Service

Peace of Mind

With our fully managed package, you can be confident that your Power Platform is well cared for. We will take care of everything, from setup to configuration to ongoing support and maintenance. Our Azure and Power Platform experts can craft the perfect environment for low-code growth and maximum security.

Increased Productivity

By outsourcing the management and support of your Power Platform environment, you can allocate your team's resources towards more strategic initiatives.

Reduced Cost

By purchasing this package your company saves money on IT costs. This eliminates the need to hire and train in-house Power Platform expertise.

Application Accelerator Service($10000/month)

The Application Accelerator Services is tailored to organizations that need some assistance from a managed services provider, but also want to retain some control over their Power Platform environment. The aim of the Application Accelerator Service is to align with best practices and integrate the latest Microsoft and Power Platform features, thereby elevating the administrative and management experience.


Technical solution (which could be any use case or IP)

Unlimited Updates

Break Fix Support

An Unlimited Warranty




User Support and Training

Benefits of the Application Accelerator Service


The Application Accelerator Service gives you the flexibility to choose the level of support that is right for your organization.


You retain control over your Power Platform environment, including the data and applications that are hosted on it.


It is cost-effective, but it does require some in-house Power Platform expertise. An affordable option that allows your company to control what matters to you.

System and Administration Services ($3000/Month)

System and Administration Services (S.A.M.) is tailored for organizations that have the in-house expertise on Power Platform, but need support to manage their own Power Platform environment.


Technical Solutions (which could be any use case or IP)

Unlimited Updates

Break Fix Support

An Unlimited Warranty

Benefits of the S.A.M. Service


You have complete control over your Power Platform environment, including the data and applications hosted on it.


Our S.A.M. Service package is the most budget-friendly managed service option we offer.


You will have our experts by your side at all times, ensuring we offer a solution with unlimited updates.

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