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LBB Specialties sought to modernize its ERP system and automate sales operations. Imperium Dynamics orchestrated the implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales Hub, specifically tailored to their unique business requirements. The resulting application proved to be highly effective, intuitive, and user-friendly. This all-in-one solution revolutionized their processes, helped them in proficiently managing deadlines and enriching customer insights.

The Problem

LBB Specialties possessed an existing Dynamics 365 Sales Hub app, but its configuration was not installed properly. Although they relied on numerous standard sales processes, their critical data was stored in an obsolete ERP system. The current app operated at a rudimentary level, lacking essential functionalities like opportunity creation, lead qualification, security role management, and data integration. Navigating through the app was not user-friendly. Their vision was to transition to an interactive application encompassing these absent features, all while utilizing the Power Platform's automated flows for comprehensive automation. This is where Imperium Dynamics stepped in and provided the solution they needed.

The Outcome

Imperium Dynamics executed the entire Dynamics 365 Sales Hub app, including workflows, Power Automate flows, and tailored scripting to automate their processes. We provided them with configuration of their security roles according to the restrictions that they had communicated to us based on their limitations. Our support extended to implementing precise data visibility within their app.

The company is a distributor and a supplier-they wanted a unified platform to serve both types of users: those directly engaging with customers and those handling product supply. By leveraging the Dynamics 365 Sales organization, we seamlessly integrated these features into a single application. We granted the flexibility for 130 users to access the system with distinct data sets. This allowed them to manage distinct principles individually, all within a unified application. This streamlined the sales process for users, elevating the overall customer experience.


Solution Features

User Friendly Interface

Centralized Data

Process Automation

Security Management

All-In-One Solution

Customer-Friendly Portal

Customizable Workflows



Imperium Dynamics implemented Dynamics 365 Sales Hub and deployed out of the box configurations and custom workflows to automate the entire sales process.


15 months

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