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Low customer engagement, failure to generate ample leads, lack of a structured emailing tool, and inability to handle extensive customer data are a few issues that impact customer engagement and marketing.
With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing, you can create quality leads, empowering your marketing and sales teams to deliver targeted campaigns and personalized experiences to convert them into potential customers.
With Imperium's D365 Customer Insights and Marketing implementation plan, you can transform how you connect with your audience, execute campaigns, and build lasting loyalty.

Why Your Business Needs a Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing Implementation


Increase in email engagement


Time reduced in email execution


Increase in lead quality

Business Benefits

Enhanced Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights offers a complete view of customer behavior, preferences, and needs by consolidating data from various sources. This enables precise tailoring of campaigns, leading to better engagement and satisfaction. With predictive features, businesses can create segments and deliver personalized promotions, driving higher ROI.

Effective Marketing & ROI

Predictive scoring and matching in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights help personalize promotions, eventually boosting marketing effectiveness and ROI.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline customer engagement and marketing operations with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Its automation and integration capabilities eliminate silos, reduce manual effort, and empower teams to focus on strategic initiatives, enhancing operational efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision Making and Scalability

With real-time data and actionable insights, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights facilitates informed decision-making. It equips businesses to navigate market dynamics, enhance customer experiences, and scale operations seamlessly, ensuring adaptability and growth.

Roadmap to your Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing Implementation


Our implementation service kicks off with the requirement gathering phase, in which our Dynamics 365 experts thoroughly investigate your business's marketing functions and performance through engagements with stakeholders, decision-makers, and end-users to identify every use case and opportunity for improvement, with a focus on customer satisfaction. This phase sets an envisioned goal with a phased timeline.

Design and Analysis

Once all use cases are identified and KPIs allotted, our Dynamics 365 technical architects and consultants redirect their resources to designing transformation scenarios to help you achieve your business goals.


With an approved design, our Dynamics 365 team initiates the development of a full-scale solution with a sprint-based methodology while keeping stakeholders in the loop through bi-weekly progress meetings for design reiterations, ensuring trust and transparency.

Go Live

Upon conclusion of the development phase, the final solution will then await deployment once approved by stakeholders. Our implementation service doesn't end at deployment; post-go live support is also part of this plan, in which our Dynamics 365 experts provide real-time assistance. We train your team, debug bugs, and ensure all KPIs are up and running. We remain your trusted partner by offering ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and strategic guidance to help you maximize your Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing investment.

Experience Seamless Support with the Imperium Support Plan

Imperium Dynamics offers a comprehensive support plan with dedicated support hours, development credits, and technical assistance. Our team works around the clock across multiple time zones, ensuring 24/7 support and ticket response times of less than 1 hour. Starting at just $4500 per month, our affordable support plan guarantees efficient resolution of customer issues, allowing you to focus on what matters; that is growing your business.

Why Choose Imperium Dynamics?

Tailored Customization

Our Dynamics 365 experts will analyze your business's marketing performance across multiple channels, strategize goals accordingly, and implement a robust Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing solution that addresses all identified business use cases.

Experienced Team

Imperium Dynamics boasts a well-experienced team of Microsoft-certified functional consultants and developers with a proven record of translating business problems into tangible solutions.

Agile Approach

We follow a sprint-based approach, with bi-weekly progress-check calls with business owners and decision makers to keep them well informed. Your trust and satisfaction are the utmost priorities for us. 

Proven Track Record

We have implemented Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for clients across industries. Our customers' success stories speak for themselves. Our wide range of Dynamics 365 product portfolio is a testament to our expertise in this technology.

Our Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing Package

Implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a thorough and personalized service with multiple phases for your business. Imperium Dynamics also offers a pre-designed fixed-cost package for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing Journey to help you reach customers like never before.

D365 Customer Insights & Marketing Package

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