WinForms C#

| Sania Uzair

The term WinForms is used for Windows Forms. Windows Forms is a class library for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that is included in. Framework for the Internet. Its primary goal is to make developing applications for desktops, tablets, and PCs easier.  Windows Forms Programs, also known as WinForms Applications, are desktop applications created with Windows Forms or WinForms. WinForms can only be used to create Windows Forms applications, not web apps. Labels, list boxes, tooltips, and other types of controls can be used in WinForms applications.

How to create Windows Forms Application in Visual Studio with c#:

  1. Create a New Project:
  2. Choose the Windows Forms App (.NET Framework) template for C# in the Create a new project box.
  3. In the Project name box of the Configure your new project window, type or enter HelloWorld Name of the project. Then select Create.
  4. Visual Studio displays a form once you select your C# project template and give it a name. A form is a Windows user interface.
  5. A Toolbox can be seen on the left-hand side of Visual Studio. All of the controls that can be added to a Windows Forms can be found in the toolbox. Text boxes and labels are examples of controls that can be added to a Windows Forms.

Add Two Numbers in C# Windows Form Application.

Open Visual Studio ->File -> New Project ->Visual C#-> select Windows Forms Application

Give the name of the application and click on OK.

Set the attributes for the controls on the form as follows.

  • 4 labels
  • 2 Text boxes
  • 1 button

Change the text of these attributes from their properties.

Then double click on the button and write down the code in the click event of that button to sum two integers.

Winforms C#

Winforms C#

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