Why Use Adaptive Web Design

| Tahniat Zehra

Responsive Design vs. Adaptive Design: What’s the Best Choice for Designers?

An existing site can be retrofitted with adaptive to make it more user-friendly for mobile devices. This enables you to take charge of the web development and design for certain, numerous viewports. Depending on you, your business, and your overall budget, you can design for any number of viewports. It does, however, give you some control that you might not always have with responsive design (for instance, over content and layout).

In order to prevent the UI design from being restricted by the content and to maintain usability, you should typically start by designing for a low-resolution viewport and work your way up.Designing for six resolutions is standard. However, by looking at your site statistics for the most frequently used devices and then designing for those viewports, you can make a more informed choice.

It's acceptable to create an adaptive website from scratch as well. Restart by creating for the lowest resolution and increasing it. The layout can then be expanded for viewports with higher resolutions using media queries. When resizing a window to a smaller or larger device screen, the layout may appear to "jump" if you undertake user interface design for various screen sizes. A site that is adaptive for different viewports can require additional work to design and construct, hence it is typically used for retrofitting.

Examples Of Adaptive Web Design?

You can probably find instances of adaptive web design websites on the websites of big businesses and corporations. Because many of these organizations predate the rise of mobile, it is far simpler (and less expensive) for them to refit their massive websites with adaptive web designs than with more complicated responsive re-design choices. Here, we examine how some of the biggest corporations in the world have used adaptive web design techniques to add the modern design aspects to their websites that are required to comply with Google's mobile-friendly ranking criteria.

  • Amazon
  • USA Today
  • IHG

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