What is Typography

| Naveed Ullah

Definition: Typography is the art of arranging of the different texts and letters in an organized form to convey the message to the readers exactly what the writer wants.

In today’s world typography is the important part of our daily life, whether it’s in books, on phones, on websites or on street signs. From instruction on streets up to stories on mobile, we face it everywhere. It has font style, font size, appearance, and structure of text, which aims to convey the exact message.

Why It Is Important for Graphic Designers

Typography is not only about choosing fonts; it has a vital role in overall design whether it is print or digital. It decides the design tone of the whole product and creates a hierarchy between text content. Typography handles the importance of each text content so the message should be conveyed as it is and the user could perceive the content easily. It is also great for user engagements, optimize readability, accessibility and increasing their interest for the design. Therefore, typography is one of the most important parts of any design for graphic designers.

Different Elements of Typography

Mostly there is a confusion between these two words typefaces and fonts, which are common by many. Typeface is basically a design style of text characters of different sizes and weights. There are many typefaces of different styles with different names such as Open Sans and Lato. At the other hand font refers to a character of same family but with different weights & style. So, we distinguish them in this manner that the typeface is the family of the character and font is its weight and style.

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