What is Design Handoff

| Naveed Ullah

When the designer is done with his/her design side of the product and now he/she wants to deliver it to the developer for further implementation this is where the design handoff comes in. Basically, it is the process of handing over the assets, color codes, typography sizes, alignment and spacing information of product’s interface. It also includes interaction, animation, accessibility, data validation and prototype.

Why it is Important?

For a successful handoff, a good collaboration between the designer and developer is essential. In any relationship, good communication is the key to success so as it is here also, which makes sense the requirement for an easy process of design handoff between designer and developer.

Miscommunication can created many issues and misunderstandings however the goal are same but it can lead to confusion and difficulties instead of instead of smooth process and no team can bear this situation.

What do developers need from designers at design handoff?

During this process of design handoff, there are several things that the developer needs from the designer.

First things first: the certainty that the design file they are receiving is the final one because once the developer starts building the design, they have to be sure that this design is the final one and no changes would come further on it so they can put all their focus on it.

Second: the proper knowledge of the product like how it works. In this step developers need guiding documentation to know the working flow and user journey of the product so he/she does have clarity about how it works.

Third: visual elements used in the design which include color palette, typography, images, graphics and icons. Also need to check with the developers for file type of images, graphics and icons.

How to achieve a smooth design handoff process

If we sum up all of the points and summarize them then there are just two thing need to be taken care of during this possess which are:

Take your time

Design handoff is also one of the parts of building any product so don’t rush while doing it. This is the moment where your design is going to have life in code. So it matters for the product and it’s users, if every details of the design is not being well developed by developers.


There should be clarity in the team on how to work together and collaborate, and this will only happen if there is good communication between them.

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