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Use a custom connector in an Automate Flow

A custom connector is a connector that you can make and involve to associate with a custom Programming interface or administration in Microsoft Power Mechanize. You can utilize a custom connector to associate with a Programming interface that isn't as of now accessible as a connector in Power Mechanize, or to tweak the way of behaving of a current connector.

To utilize a custom connector in a computerize stream, you can follow these means:

Step 1

To start with, ensure you have the fundamental authorizations to make and oversee custom connectors in your Power Stage climate.

Step 2

Then, make another custom connector utilizing the Power Stage Connector producer. This device permits you to characterize the Programming interface endpoint, validation strategies, and activities and triggers that your connector will uphold.

Step 3

Subsequent to making the custom connector, you can utilize it in a mechanize stream very much like some other connector.

Step 4

In the stream fashioner, you can add an activity or trigger from your custom connector and arrange it with the fundamental info boundaries.

Step 5

You can utilize articulations to progressively construct the info boundaries in view of the trigger information or other stream factors.

Step 6

After you have arranged the custom connector activity or trigger, you can add extra activities to your stream to handle the reaction information or perform different errands.

Step 7

Save your stream and test it to ensure it's functioning true to form.

Note: Search custom connection in automate flow and select the created custom connector.

Use the custom connector action in the flow.

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