Send Text Message to Multiple Numbers

| Aqsa Nabi

If you are running an agency and your day to day work includes sending text messages to a unsaved contacts, which means to direct numbers and not numbers saved as contacts then it’s doable using PowerTextor connector. The goal can be achieved the PowerTextor connector’s action ‘Send text (SMS) message to multiple numbers’ that allows the user to send one text message to unlimited contacts with one flow only.

This saves time and energy of rework, all you need to do is get a PowerTextor subscription and have the connection of PowerTextor and PowerPlatform created with the API Key.

Now assuming you have the API Key connection established, let’s look at the steps below to achieve this goal.

  1. Select the type of flow, it could be a manually triggered flow or an automated flow, select ‘Send text (SMS) message to multiple numbers’ from the list of action in PowerTextor.
  2. Use the PowerTextor API Key to create a connection with the PowerPlatform.
  3. Now the action has certain fields that need to be filled.
    1. Contact Numbers: Here you need to provide a list of contact numbers, all comma separated. You can add as many numbers as you want in this field. Make sure you are providing valid country code. If you a UK based subscription, the add only UK code numbers or else the flow will fail.
    2. Text Message: Provide the text in the Text Message field that you want to send to all the contact numbers.
    3. Reply STOP to Opt_out: Reply STOP To Opt-Out: If you want the recipient of the message to get this statement as part of the text message then select Yes, so they can reply back ‘STOP’ to get unsubscribed with the service until re-subscribed by the admin.  

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