PowerTextor Review Messages Overview

| Aqsa Nabi

If you are a company with big clientele and would like to manage the review department really well to help increase the quality of service then the PowerTextor is the most useful platform to get an account for. The system provides ability to schedule review messages with bulk customers to get feedback on your business, so you can take the necessary actions on improving on the weak areas.

The best thing is, that you can get feedback for multiple type of business and not just one! With one PowerTextor account, you can get business feedback on multiple business by using Place ID.

Why is PowerTextor the first choice?

PowerTextor has some most amazing features for which it should be the first choice to send bulk messages especially for review as it is not a simple text message but a lot more than that! Let’s look at what makes it bigger as the first choice:

  1. Simple UI: If you are sending messages with your subscription using the website then the UI is extremely simple and anyone can schedule review messages without spending hours of training.
  2. Easy Configuration: The configuration does not require a developer or someone with high-tech background, but someone with 0 expertises can also configure review messages in the blink of an eye.
  3. Instant Messaging: No delays! The messages send within a few seconds to all of the recipients and so it brings out another ability to add unlimited contacts and groups in your recipient list.
  4. Google Integration: The best part is its integration with your Google Place ID. With a few steps in the Profile section, you can provide the Google Place ID and then embed that in your SMS. The link is sent with your review text where the customers can provide star-based rating to your services. The even greatest part is that only 4+ stars are displayed on your Google ID which is a great way to boost your rating!
  5. Real-time Dashboard: The website has real-time dashboards for visibility of the growth of your business that helps you keep an eye and work on improvements. You can select place in the dashboard to view the review of the place.

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