People Management

| Ali Shah

What is People Management?

Human resources management is defined as a set of methods that includes end-to-end processes for attracting, optimizing and retaining talent with ongoing support and organization of the business. The people management umbrella is a key subset of human resource management, so it covers all aspects of how people work, behave, contribute, and thrive in the workplace. The systems used to manage people affect the overall performance of an organization and therefore must act as moving puzzle pieces without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Functions that support the main pillars of people management include employer branding, recruitment, compensation, performance management, organization development, safety, wellbeing, benefits, motivation and employee engagement, communication, administration and training. Overall, these aspects of people management weave the cultural fabric within the organization and lead to an employee experience that attracts and retains the right talent.

Here are the important People Management skills that can really help the teams to succeed.

Empathy: It is about understanding your employee feelings and seeing the world from their perspective. Whether if assigning tasks to them or planning the work. Active listening is the best way to understand someone feelings and it opens up a path to greater empathy.

Motivation: Keeping your employees motivated all the time will help them put some extra efforts and go an extra mile for the organization which will help in success of both.

Appreciation: Employees are seeking appreciation on their right and an important aspect of managing people is praising and rewarding them for the job well done. The process of appreciation can lead to a culture of gratitude at work that in, would impact employee experience.

Trust: When it comes to team building, building trust is an essential people management skill. Managers who instill trust, make team members feel supported (not in selective situations, but always), and allow teams to explore risks within the range of sensitive goals are seen as enablers.

Continuous Learning: As a people manager you need continuously be aware of what’s on going. Having more knowledge and information helps you aid the decision making in your professional career.

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