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Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud-based, low-code solution for securely storing and managing data used by business applications. Because your data is stored in the Microsoft Dataverse, you can access and modify your data in many ways. Work with data natively using tools like Power Apps and Power Automate, or connect to the Microsoft Dataverse from any enterprise solution using connectors and APIs. Dataverse was built for powerful and scalable solutions.


The goals of the Dataverse security model are:

  • Allow users to access only the appropriate level of information they need to do their jobs.
  • Categorize users by role and restrict access based on those roles.
  • To support data sharing so that users and teams can grant access to records they don't own for specific collaborations.
  • To prevent users from accessing records that they do not own or share with them.


Security: Dataverse handles authentication with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), enabling conditional access and multi-factor authentication. It also provides extensive auditing capabilities.

Logic: Dataverse makes it easy to apply business logic to the data plane. The same rules apply regardless of how users interact with data. These rules can relate to duplicate detection, business rules, workflows, and more. Data: Dataverse allows you to shape your data for data discovery, modeling, validation, and reporting. This control will display your data the way you want it regardless of how you use it.

Storage: Dataverse stores physical data in the Azure cloud. This cloud-based storage removes the burden of worrying about where your data is stored and how your data is scaled.

Integration: Dataverse connects in a variety of ways to support your business needs. Data export and other tools provide flexibility in inputting and outputting data.

Auditing: Dataverse's auditing capabilities are designed to meet the external and internal audit, compliance, security, and governance policies common to many organizations.

Data loss prevention: Power Platform and Dataverse use Microsoft Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to protect data both at rest and in transit.

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