How to use Autonumber field in Model Driven Apps

| Hafsa Farooqui

Autonumber fields are a type of field that automatically generates a unique, sequential number each time a new record is created in a Model-driven app. These fields are commonly used to assign unique identifiers to records, such as order numbers, invoice numbers, or case numbers. In this blog, we'll explore how to use Autonumber fields in Model-driven apps.

To create an Autonumber field in a Model-driven app, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the solution where you want to create the field.
  • Open the entity where you want to add the Autonumber field.
  • Select the "Fields" option from the left-hand menu, then click the "New" button.
  • Choose "Autonumber" as the field type and give it a name.
  • Choose the format of the Autonumber field. You can choose from a range of formats, including prefix, suffix, and separator.
  • Set the starting number and the increment value. The starting number is the first number that the Autonumber field will generate, while the increment value is the number that will be added to the previous number to generate the next number.
  • Choose the scope of the Autonumber field. You can set the field to be unique across all records in the system or unique within a specific record type.

Using an Autonumber Field:

  • Once you've created an Autonumber field, you can use it in your Model-driven app in a number of ways:
  • Display the Autonumber field on a form or view: You can add the Autonumber field to a form or view so that users can see the unique identifier for each record.
  • Use the Autonumber field in a workflow: You can use the Autonumber field in a workflow to trigger an action or send an email when a new record is created.
  • Filter records by the Autonumber field: You can filter records by the Autonumber field to find specific records more quickly.
  • Use the Autonumber field in a calculated field: You can use the Autonumber field in a calculated field to perform calculations on the unique identifier.
  • Export records with the Autonumber field: When you export records from a Model-driven app, the Autonumber field is included in the export so that you can easily identify and manage records.

Benefits of Using Autonumber Fields:

  • Using Autonumber fields in Model-driven apps can offer several benefits:
  • Easy identification of records: With a unique identifier for each record, it's easier to identify and track records.
  • Efficient record management: Autonumber fields can help you manage records more efficiently by providing a way to sort and filter records.
  • Improved data accuracy: Autonumber fields can help ensure data accuracy by preventing duplicate records and providing a consistent format for records.
  • Increased productivity: With Autonumber fields, you can save time and reduce errors by automating the process of assigning unique identifiers to records.


Autonumber fields are a powerful tool for managing records in Model-driven apps. By creating unique identifiers for each record, Autonumber fields can help you track, sort, and filter records more efficiently. Whether you're working in finance, healthcare, or any other industry, Autonumber fields can help you improve data accuracy, increase productivity, and streamline your record management processes.

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