How to run a sprint planning meeting

| Ali Shah

When executed properly, sprint planning meetings can not only mark the start of a new sprint, but can also give teams using the Scrum methodology a new sense of purpose and planning and explore unknown directions reduce and regulate performance .

Here, we explain how you can develop and execute a successful sprint plan, ensuring your team can work together and plan as needed in a position to lay the foundation for smooth and successful execution.

How to prepare for Agile sprint planning?

Prep your backlog

Before the sprint begins - and ideally before the sprint planning meeting - the product owner should pay close attention to all the current backlogs, also called backlogs.

A product backlog is a complete list of product requirements in any order. Due to the iterative nature of software engineering, the product backlog never ends and is constantly evolving.

Examine team availability

Before you fully commit to a sprint schedule, make sure you determine your team's capacity to complete the planned workload. Ask team members to confirm any planned vacations, commitments to other projects, and other potential time constraints. If team members cannot fully commit to the sprint, adjust the workload accordingly.

With team availability, you need to ensure that all necessary resources are available. Any known issues or obstacles should be defined in the Agile sprint plan and discussed with the team before the sprint begins.

Plan your sprint planning meeting

The Scrum Master should focus on the who, what, when and where of the sprint planning meeting. This preparation includes deciding on the date and time of the meeting, as well as its participants.

To determine the length of your session, first consider the length of your sprint. Multiply the number of weeks in your sprint by two hours - this should give you a rough estimate of how much time you need for your sprint planning meeting. For example, a two-week sprint would require about four hours for a thorough sprint planning meeting.

Most importantly, the Scrum Master should set the agenda for the sprint planning meeting and distribute it to the Scrum Team members, the Product Owner, and other key stakeholders.

Begin your sprint

Finally, your journey can begin. By now, your team should have plenty to start with and all the resources they need to start collaborating with other team members. Schedule a check-in with your team in the days following the sprint planning meeting to get the best possible start.

Use tracking to provide you and your team with visualizations that will prepare your vision for the upcoming sprint and align your team with sprint objectives. Learn how visualizing our Scrum workspace can transform your team's approach to planning and completing the next sprint.

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