How to Update a PowerTextor Contact Using Microsoft Flow

| Aqsa Nabi

If you have a PowerTextor subscription so there are certain actions that can be performed using the connector in Microsoft Power Automate. So here is one of the actions that is easily doable using the connector.

Updating a contact has become very easy now, you don’t have to manually go into PowerTextor and update each contact one by one. But you can also run a certain action of PowerTextor and get the contact updated. A manual or automated triggered type of flow can be created as the type of flow and you can add certain steps before the updates the Contact name. So there could be some actions that results in the update of the Contact. Let’s look at the action that will be used to update a contact.

  1. Assuming you have the Contacts created in PowerTextor. Select whichever type of flow you want as the type. Now establish a connection with the API Key to load in your Contacts in Power Platform.
  2. Once you have the connection created, there will be specific fields displayed in the action where you need to provide the information to get going with the flow.
    1. Contact: A drop down type field, where you need to select the Contact that you will like to update. Select an existing PowerTextor contact from the list.
    2. Updated Contact First Name: Provide the new first name of the Contact that you will like to update.
    3. Updated Contact Last Name: Provide the new last name of the Contact that you will like to update.
    4. Updated Contact Number: This action is not just limited to Contact Name, but you can also update the Contact Number of the Contact. So provide the new Contact Number that you will like to update.
  3. Save and run the flow to see it update in PowerTextor!

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