How to Create or Configure Canvas App Part I

| Usama Muhammad

Types of App in Power Apps:

Basically Microsoft Power Platform contains three types of applications:

  • Model Driven App
  • Canvas App
  • Portals

Currently we are discussing about the Canvas App. Canvas app is basically type of mobile app, you can use it on your browser as well as on mobiles and tablets. This app gives a display of mobile friendly user interface. So we will start how to create Canvas app and what are the methods of creating Canvas App.

Methods of Creating Canvas App:

Right now Power Apps provide three types of methods for creating a Canvas App:

  • App from Template
  • App from Data source
  • Create blank App from scratch.

Basic Knowledge of Designing an App:

Today we start discussion on how to create Canvas App from blank or from scratch but before start creating an app from blank we should understand following points related to designing point of view for creating Canvas App from Blank:

  • Business Requirements
    • Business requirements are those requirements that are necessary to implement the app or software. So before start creating an app you should understand the user requirements and think about that what are the basic requirements of the app and how to implement those requirements into your app. Without understanding the business requirements implementation of the Canvas app will be difficult.
  • Data Model
    • Data Model is the most important part before creating an app, after understanding the business requirements you should decide that how your will get data or how to store data. Power Apps provide multiple data sources and all sources are different from each other so it depends on the user requirements that which data model you used.
  • User Experience
    • User Experience another important part of creating an app from blank. Your app should be display as per the requirements, their navigations, pop-ups, logo and colors of the app. In short your app should be user friendly as per the requirements.
  • User Interface
    • User interface is also plays an important role in creating an app from blank. Your app should be user friendly and you end user should use the app with any hurdle or difficulty. App UI should easy to use and every user of the app can use it.
  • Business Logic
    • This part usually working on the backend of the app. This part does not belong to the user experience but it should be worked as per the requirements. For example, if you create some flows on the backend and that flows execute and shows a popup or make changes in the app, so that’s why business logic should be strong and correct as per the requirements.
  • Output
    • This is the last part of creating an app form blank but not the least. It plays an important role in each and every application. Output describes the actual behavior of the app. For example, if your app have a login page and user try to login their account with its credentials and they input their credentials on your app and hit login button then your app should login that user and if that user does not have an account create then it should not login that user and display a message for signup. That’s why Output is the final result of the app.

These are the basic steps or points which need to be kept in mind before creating an app from scartch, these are the most important things that need to be discussed before start creating an app from scratch. How can we create an app form blank will discuss in a next blog.

Join us next time, as we continue our journey of learning canvas apps.Click here to learn more about Imperium's Power Apps Services. We hope this information was useful, and we look forward to sharing more insights into the Power Platform world.

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