How to Configure and Create forms in Model Driven app Part IV

| Usama Ashraf

How to Modify the Sub-grid:

  • You can modify or update the Properties of sub-grid from right side of the form.
  • When you add and select the sub-grid then Properties tab will display on right side.

  • You can name your sub-grid with the help of Label* field.
  • You can hide label, hide on phone as same as column properties.
  • You can Hide Search box as well and give access to user to change view in a sub-grid with checkbox Allow users to change view.
  • You can also set the Maximum number of rows for your sub-grid as well that you want to show in a form.

Right now I am using a Student lookup type field that was added in Enrollment Table and when you adding a lookup of any table into another table then automatically One-to-many relationship established between two tables. So that’s why Student and Enrollment table have many-to-one relationship.

After adding the components and adding the fields in the form, in short after creating the UI of the form and applied some specific properties on the form another thing needs to be done. To show the form on your app so user can access and use it.

For showing the form on the app you need to save the form with “Save” button on top right of the form and after save your need to Publish the form with “Publish” button on the same top right side of the form. If you only save the form and not publish it then form changes or the form does not display on your app. So that’s why we need to publish the form once you made it or made changes in it.


Creating a main form is easy to understand but it takes time to make the UI and it depends on your decision that how can you start creating a main form and how to make their UI or make the user interactive form.

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