How to Configure and Create forms in Model Driven app Part I

| Usama Ashraf

Form is the most important part of the Model Driven app. Without it app is useless. Once you create your Table or Entity with their attributes or columns, now how your entity will interact with end user and how your end user use that entity. This thing is totally depends on the main form. If your app does not contain main form then how your user will interact with the app.

The form will display the field with their data as per the entity and all the business logics applied on those form fields:

For Example, what fields needs to be display and which are hidden and display after running the flows or met the specific condition. All these type of handling will be doing in the forms:

Types of Forms:

Currently we have three types of are there:

  • Main Form
  • Card Form
  • Quick View Form

Today we will discuss the creation of main form.

For creating a main form, let us consider an example of Student Table and will make main for the Student and Enrollment entities or tables.

Steps of Creating a Main Form:

Follow all these steps you can create the main form:

  • Login or signup with your account on
  • Then select your environment that you are working on
  • Select the Dataverse on left pane and expand
  • Then select Tables and select the Student table.
  • Now go to the Data experiences section and select Forms.

  • Now click on Forms and this screen will display with three types of Forms:

  • You will create the main form with the button “+New Form” on the command bar and when expand, it will show you all form types or you can create the main form from the list.
  • Once select the main from then this below screen will display with following fields in the form and rest of the columns will display on left side of the form:
  • Owner
  • Primary column of the form
  • After that it depends on your requirements that which fields need to show on the form and which are not.
  • So adding fields in the form, you can drag n drop the fields from left pane to form or middle pane and rearrange or sorting the fields as per requirements.
  • You can make the UI of the form as per your user requirements, you can set some fields on the top right corner of the form that wants to see when user open the form.

Will discuss in next Blog that how can you add fields in a form and make the UI of the form according to the business requirements and User Experience.

Join us next time, as we continue our journey of learning canvas apps.Click here to learn more about Imperium's Power Apps Services. We hope this information was useful, and we look forward to sharing more insights into the Power Platform world.

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