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| Naveed Ullah

Explainer videos are a great way to grab viewer’s attention toward your business, idea or product. This is a best way to give a quick overview or explanation of your product or service to your audience because explainer videos are way much more engaging and fun rather than reading text content to understand.

Here are some examples:



Benefits of Explainer Videos for Every Industry

No matter you or your company belongs to any industry here are 3 essentials benefits of explainer videos.

Grabs Attention

Now a days internet users does not have a lot of time to spend on internet therefore, they move very quickly from one place to another on internet to find their needs so it is very challenging task to grab their attention within seconds toward your product or service. Therefore, explainer videos are very effective in attention grabbing, the longer you hold audience attention, the more likely they spend more time on your platform and the more chance of increasing in conversion rate.

Easily Shareable

Now a days viewers also like explainer videos because it is informative, has a clear message, easily understandable and more fun so, there is higher chances of sharing the video by them as well. It also has higher rank than text content in Google so, it makes more impact for SEO. Social media like (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) are also a great channel to bring new leads for business so, you can use them there easily.

Increases Conversions Rate

Explainer videos are very effective in holding audience attention, the longer you hold audience attention, the more likely they spend more time on your platform and the more chances of increasing in conversion rate. According to internet retailer survey, 85% of people are more likely to buy product/service if they have watched its explainer video at first.

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