Difference between Branding and Marketing

| Naveed Ullah

Many believe there is a fine line between branding and marketing. That there are small differences between them which can’t be perceived by non-practitioner. But the truth is, marketing and branding are two very different concepts. And if the companies and business want to succeed, they need to understand the differences between the two—and how to effectively use each to take your business to the next level. So, what are the differences between the two—and how can you use both to build a successful, impactful business? what exactly is branding? What exactly is marketing?

What is Branding ?

Branding is basically your Identity whether it is personal, for company, for business etc. Branding is what makes you special and unique from others. It conveys the mission, story and value of you as a business or personal that who are you exactly and what you offer/do to your audience. It also creates an emotional connection between you and your audience. It’s your key brand elements, like your logo, your website, and your brand style guidelines. If marketing is what gets people to engage with your company for the first time, branding is what keeps them coming back for years to come.

What is Marketing ?

Marketing have one goal. To promote your brand’s message and your product or service and attract customers. Based on your brand strategy, your marketing strategy is where and how you position your product or service. It’s all the activities you carry out to deliver your brand’s message and convince people to buy your product or service. Things like social media content marketing, SEO, email marketing, link-building strategies, and all other marketing tactics. It’s made up of a whole network of strategies and processes. They all work to promote your product or service in the best way to attract more leads. Marketing finds the best target market, uses the optimal channels, and segments markets to win over a bigger market share.

branding and marketing

What is the difference between Branding & Marketing ?

While marketing is used to promote your product or service, branding is used to actively shape your brand and who you are. You need strategies for both and they have different goals and different results.

  • Marketing gets a customer’s attention, branding is a way to keep their attention
  • Marketing drives sales, branding drives recognition and loyalty
  • Branding comes first, marketing comes second
  • Marketing strategies come and go—but branding is forever
  • Branding has just as much of an impact on your team as it does on your customers

Branding is defining how to communicate and deliver your promise to potential customers, while marketing is how you reach them.

branding and marketing

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