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What is Dark Theme UI

A Dark theme UI is also known as a dark mode, basically it is a special color scheme used for any user interface to design their dark mode. In this mode mostly darker shades of black and gray are used as background color and lighter colors for the texts and other UI elements. It is particularly used in low light environments to keep the eyes relaxed while using any online interface.

Advantages of Dark Theme

There are many advantages of Dark Theme which are:

Reduce Eye Strain

Light mode produces lots of blue light from the screens, which can cause eye strain but the dark mode has much less blue light than the standard light mode which will reduce eye strain.

Reduce Sleep Interruption

In a dark environment the brain produces sleeping hormone melatonin and the blue light of the screen disrupts them which will affect the quality of sleep. The dark mode reduces the amount of blue light coming from the screen and makes the sleep better.

Increase Battery Life

Having a long battery life on their devices is also one of the top p priorities for the users. The dark mode can increase the battery life because of its OLED display, which light up individual pixels instead of using backlight. The researches show that dark pixels use less power than the light ones.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Dark mode now has become a trend that has been adopted by many tech giants and many users find it more aesthetically pleasing. Following the successful design trend within our design is one of the key points to success for our products because in the end all we want is to fulfill the user's needs and want.

Dark UI vs Light UI

Dark mode and Light mode are basically two different sets of color schemes that are commonly used for different environments. The dark mode (also known as night mode & dark theme) is used when the user’s environment is also dark or has dim light because it is designed to adjust with that environment for the convenience of the user’s eyes. Similarly, light mode (also known as day mode or bright theme) is used when the user has a light or bright environment while using the digital devices.

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