Creating a flow to save email attachments to OneDrive for Business

| Syed Muneeb

It may be time consuming to check attachments or reports within an organization OneDrive. To avoid those time-consuming hassles, a flow can be built to store all of your e-mail attachments in one of your folders on your Microsoft OneDrive for business account

There are two ways to create a flow one is to create it from the scratch and the other one is to look for the template which already exists in power platform. If you navigate to the list of templates in power platform in power automate you can see a template named save Office 365 e-mail attachments to OneDrive for business when you check on this template you are about to start using it. You click on create a flow at the bottom of the screen to start creating the flow

Save Office 365 e-mail attachments to OneDrive for business is one of the one click attack templates in which one can responds to the questions that would be required to build a flow hence one can avoid writing a line of code. Then you click on the template you will see a description of what the template does and what it needs to succeed once you access this template from your licensed account the flow connects to your e-mail and to get any attachments moreover the flow will then create a folder on OneDrive for business account which word automatically put every attachment that comes via e-mail of your work e-mail address in the folder.

Basic concepts in Flow
Loops: A loop will run until a new condition is met so it will process to next action or trigger.
Switch: This evaluates the input and then executes each case accordingly.
Do Until: it performs its actions until a specific set of conditions is met.
Apply to each: performs each set of actions for each item.
Expressions: it describes the logic in your flow and entered manually in the system.

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