Creating Explainer Videos Processes

| Naveed Ullah

Creating Explainer Videos Processes

No doubt Animated Explainer Videos are one of the most effective ways to explain your business to your audience nowadays. Because it is also fun for the viewers to watch and enjoy as well as get an idea of the business. There are 7 steps of creating explainer video, which are:

Video Script

It is the most important part of any good explainer video and you need to put all your focus on it while writing. In this step the video’s direction will be set as whether the video is going to convey business message or not. Video script should be written by someone who has the complete knowledge of the business (owner or manager) because they know better than anyone else that who are the target audience, their concerns and pain points.

Voiceover Recording

Then you need to find out a best voice talent that fits your brand, who will be your “brand voice” of the company. Every good explainer video needs a professional voiceover that explains every step of the video with good tone of voice.


Now comes a storyboarding artist who draws storytelling scenes from the script. It helps to ensure that is the visual story of our video is according to our vision or not. Basically it is a visual representation of our script.

Style Frame (Creating Assets)

In this step now you have storyboard so you need to create it’s visual assets such as graphics, icons, vector characters and other media. Graphic designer is needed for this step who can create all required assets according to your brand style or video type.

Video Production

Almost everything is gathered now voiceover, storyboard, and style frame. It is time to start the production of the video according to plan as we have a storyboard for that. Now it is time for Motion Graphic Designers to show their skills and creativity while giving animation to the video.

Add Music & Sound Effects

When the video production is completed and finalized by motion designers and other team members, then the sound designers have to give a final touch by adding background music and sound effects with every move within the video. Because music gives energy to the video and conveys emotion to the audience.

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