Can chatbot help my business

| Abdullah Khan

Can chatbot help my business?

No matter how big or how small, all businesses, personal brands, non-profit organizations (basically anyone dealing with the masses) need chatbots to deal with the countless enquiries everyday that are otherwise humanely difficult to deal with if you were to attend everyone personally.

You lose customers when no one is there to attend to your precious sales leads or customer support enquiries. No one likes to wait too long for your agent to appear – most of them are busy already. Many users have simple enquiries that can be resolved without bringing in the actual person.

A chat bot can do multiple things:

  1. Answer FAQs (Frequently asked questions)
  2. Convert lead into customer
  3. Get contact info
  4. Transfer to agent
  5. Transfer to relevant department
  6. Reduce churn rate
  7. Schedule a meeting

^this is just TIP of the iceberg of all the possibilities.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is equipped with all the features any chatbot needs. Even better, you can use it within Microsoft Teams or countless other Apps.

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is a complete suite of tools, a start to end solution, with all the tools in the box you would ever need as a business or web developer. They are easy to develop, configure, manage and scale.

Let’s talk about different sectors and how they can utilize the power of chatbot via Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

  1. Health service provider:

General physician, dentists, pediatricians – all have patients lined up with a load of questions. Most of the people have general enquiries that can be answered through Facebook chat or website. This saves your human resources considerable amount of time to focus on providing health matters and its proficiency.

Through Virtual Agents you can easily book appointments. It will check when you are busy, when you are not and choose the appropriate time for your customer. You can even configure your calendar at any time and choose you want in-clinic appointment or online like zoom.

  1. Non-profit:

People who want to help the underprivileged are looking for information that they don’t have or the time to explore deep within your website or social media so a Virtual Agent is a fastest way they can get that necessary info before they give you a helping hand and contribute to the cause.

Other than giving accurate info in few seconds, a Power Virtual Agent can also connect to someone, it can also redirect to the donation pages along with info about how to donate.

  1. Resort and Hotels:

Such businesses are always open to the idea of filling up the premises with full booking. Not all customers have the necessary time to go through the delays to complete the booking. Customers need information, and they expect it swiftly, and not all customers are extroverts who are comfortable on the phone – chat is a comfortable way of communication for many.

A chatbot can answer to your guests if you have some amenities, or what luxury they should expect if they were to stay in specific time of the year, big balcony under price range maybe.

Chat bot can give accurate info, and send them to your booking page once they are satisfied acquiring that must have info.

  1. Salon:

A salon, spa, and such businesses always have customers enquiring for store timings around special days of the year, store location and what they should expect for your price tag.

Most important of all they want to know if there’s a free spot available next week, worry not as chatbot can do it for your customer and put that entry in your company calendar or your own or even your CRM. After all, repeat customers are the best customers.

  1. Ecommerce website:

How many days will it take to deliver something? Can I use old coupon code? This and many such questions are asked by ecommerce customers and your customer support agent can spend their time elsewhere to expand your business.

Power Virtual Agents can provide product/service info that can increase sales and improve the customer experience.

  1. Restaurant:

Most customers ask timings, arrangement for special occasions, take-away orders, deliveries, and menu. Power Virtual Agents can make this fast, simple and easy by simply giving info or redirect to appropriate page as well as take orders.

  1. Banks:

Customer support, emergency enquiries and more – banking customers need fast assistance whether it is about connecting to the right department or hear their complaints.

Another aspect is to prevent any misuse and protect customers.

When human help is not immediately available, it’s better for a chatbot to give helping hand.

  1. Government services:

These services can be a wide array, including emergency service, utilities or other. Power Virtual Agents can be integrated with these departments to extend and make efficient the services of all sorts of government institutions.

It can be merged with interconnected departments and services and send users to the relevant department website, support team, show address or the office time.

Join us next time, as we continue our journey of learning canvas apps.Click here to learn more about Imperium's Power Apps Services. We hope this information was useful, and we look forward to sharing more insights into the Power Platform world.

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