Building a Model-Driven App

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Building a Model-Driven App


A model-driven app is a type of app that you can build in Power Apps. It is based on a Common Data Service (CDS) data source and uses metadata-driven logic to automate and streamline business processes. With a model-driven app, you can define the entities you want to use in your app, customize the forms and views used to create and view records, and create dashboards to display key information and metrics. You can also add business rules and process flows to automate certain actions and tasks. Model-driven apps are used to build line-of-business applications that are customized to meet specific business needs and requirements.


  1. Open Power Apps and select "Model-driven app" from the available app templates.
  2. Give your app a name, choose the environment you want to use, and select the Common Data Service as the data source.
  3. Choose the entities you want to use in your app from the list of available entities or create a new one if needed.
  4. Customize your entities by adding fields, relationships, and business rules.
  5. Define the main form for each entity, which will be used to create and edit records. You can add and remove fields, change the layout, and add controls to the form as needed.
  6. Create views for each entity that will be used to display a list of records. You can choose the columns to display, sort the records, and add filters to the view.
  7. Create a dashboard to display key information and metrics from your app. You can add charts, tables, and other controls to the dashboard to help you visualize your data.
  8. Add navigation to your app to make it easier for users to find what they're looking for. You can add links to forms, views, and dashboards, and use the navigation menu to organize your app.
  9. Test your app by creating and editing records and using the different parts of your app. Make any necessary changes or additions to improve the user experience.
  10. Publish your app and share it with your team or stakeholders as needed. You can also share your app with others outside your organization by creating a shared app or creating an app that can be installed from the AppSource store.

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