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What is Decision Table?

First, break the name into two pieces, “Decision” and “Table”. The word Decision means to decide your conditions and given inputs, either which one is correct or not. The word Table means “your conditions or inputs in tabular form”. Basically, it is a tabular representation of inputs and conditions/rules/cases. It is used to check all possible combinations of inputs.

What is Decision Table Testing Technique?

It is a software testing technique used to test the behavior of the system with different types of input combinations. It is also the type of Black Box Testing Technique. This is the systematic approach where the different combinations of inputs with different conditions and their corresponding outputs are captured in tabular form. It is the best way to capture the behavior of the system with all possible conditions and view in Tabular form.
Decision Table Testing technique is also known as Cause Effect Table because causes and their effects can view in the form of tables.

Example of Decision Table Technique:
Black Box Testing 1
Black Box Testing 1

Let us consider the above example of Microsoft login Page. In this login page we have 2 required fields and next or Sign In button. The formula for calculate the no of conditions is 2n (whereas n= no of fields in your form). In this page we have 2 fields means 22=4. Now create 4 different conditions for Decision Table. Now create a Decision Table for this Sign In page.

Black Box Testing 1
Symbols Representation:

True -> correct username/password False -> wrong username/password Login -> when user successfully login Error -> when error occur

Cases for run the conditions:
Case 1: When username and password both are correct. The user will login successfully
Case 2: when username was correct, and password was wrong or empty then an error message appears on login screen.
Case 3: When username was wrong, and password was correct then again, an error message appears on login screen.
Case 4: When both username and password was incorrect then an error message appears on login screen.

Why Decision Table Technique is Important?

Decision Table Technique is important because it helps us to test different conditions with different combinations of inputs and provide better test coverage for complex business logics. Normally, it is used for complex software systems in which large amount of data and conditions needs to be tested. The benefit of this technique is to give tabular representation if input combinations with different conditions and we can identify which one is correct and which one is wrong. We can easily create test case with this technique. We can easily find out, how many test cases will be create for different scenario with this formula 2n.

The biggest and the main advantage of this technique is to give better test coverage with different combinations of inputs and save time of tester. With this technique, we can easily create test cases with positive and negative approaches.

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