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AI Builder is a feature of the Microsoft Power Platform that enhances corporate performance by automating procedures and forecasting results. You can easily add AI to your apps and flows that connect to your corporate data housed in the underlying data platform (Microsoft Dataverse) or in a variety of cloud data sources, including SharePoint, OneDrive, and Azure, by utilizing AI Builder.

Your business may benefit from the intelligence provided by the AI models you develop in AI Builder. By enabling individuals with any degree of technical aptitude to include AI features into their apps and flows without writing code, AI Builder streamlines the AI creation process. Additionally, AI Builder offers prebuilt AI models, which eliminate the necessity for data collection in order to create and train the model. You can immediately begin putting the intelligence to work.

What we can do using AI Builder?

Using AI builder following mentioned tasks can be implemented.

  • Analyze text for classification, key phrases, language, and sentiment.
  • Predict whether something will happen.
  • Process business card information.
  • Process text from images.
  • Read and save information from standard documents.
  • Recognize and count items in images.

You can access AI Builder within Power Apps and Power Automate.

Two available areas under AI Builder in the left side menu are:

  • Build - Where you create and get started by using AI models.
  • Models - Where your created and shared models reside.

What Are The Benefits of Using AI Builder?

Simple to build

A no-code interface makes it easy for anyone to learn to create and train their own AI models


Analyze patterns in historical data and apply these

Object Detection

Easily identify and track your products in

Text Classification

Categorize pieces of text to ensure that pertinent information is routed to the optimal recipients

Form Processing

Process standard documents, such as invoices and purchase orders, automatically extracting and storing the data

Business Card Reader

Quickly scan and process business cards to store contact details against your contacts

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