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10 common challenges in Project Management

  • Lack of Goals Clarity
  • Scope Creep
  • Communication Gap
  • Inadequate skills of team members
  • Budgeting issue
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Lack of Accountability
  • Insufficient risk management
  • Resource Availability
  • Unrealistic Deadlines

These are the most common challenges which a project manager faces during the life cycle of a project. A project is successful if it follows all approved guidelines, is completed on time, and its costs are within budget. As a team attempts to complete a project, they may encounter a variety of challenges that can interfere with the implementation of these success criteria. As a project manager, you are responsible for anticipating, developing contingency plans and solutions to overcome issues as they arise.

Project Manager needs to make the goals clear to the team and make sure the timelines which are committed by the team are met. The focus should be on communication in a timely manner and make the goals reminded to the whole team and bring clarity to those.

Right man for the right job is needed and during the resource planning this should be kept in mind. The resource must be capable of the assigned task of job. His/her skills should qualify to work on that job. In case there is budgeting issue and right resource can’t be hired. This should be immediately informed to the sponsor of the project. As no compromise should be done on hiring the right man for the right job.

Resource availability at the right time is important for a successful run, once we have team members from different back grounds they may have conflicts as well. This is the responsibility of the project manager to resolve on time. The earlier the conflicts are resolved the better is it for the team.

Make sure unrealistic deadlines are tackled at the planning phase of the project.

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