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Are unclear digital transformation goals undermining your strategic alignment, and hindering innovation? If yes, we have got you covered.
Imperium Dynamics is offering Microsoft sponsored PowerApps Prototype Development Assessment. As part of the assessment, we will help you create scenarios to clarify the digital transformation vision that will serve as the blueprint for the next steps in your customer’s engagement journey. Our facilitators will use design-thinking concepts to help your business decision makers establish primary transformation goals and encourage them to think beyond simply making existing processes more efficient. As part of this assessment, we will help you create an enterprise level Power App based on a prioritized envisioned business scenario.  


According to a Forrester study:

48% reduction in application development cost.

Time savings of 3.2 hours/week on average.

188% ROI over three years.

Assessment Roadmap


Our Power Platform consultants will conduct virtual/or onsite discovery to gain a better understanding of your business situation and document journey map, day-in-a-life, or personas. We will help you formulate a problem statement to align with your business development goals.  


Capture findings and devise recommendations to help you get the highest return on your Power Platform assessment.


We will help you curate high-priority transformation Power Platform scenarios to achieve ongoing innovation within your business environment. Depending on your business use case – we will help you build an enterprise level Power App that addresses one of the envisioned scenarios.  

Benefits: PowerApps Prototype Development

Streamlined Development

Identify bottlenecks in app development processes, streamlining workflows, and boosting productivity for faster app delivery.

Solution Clarity

Gain insights into unique business needs, allowing for the creation of custom Power Apps that directly address critical pain points, increasing end user satisfaction.

Quality Assurance

Ensure that Power Apps meets high standards through rigorous testing, enhancing reliability, security and compliance.

Continuous Improvement

Improve application development consistently by gathering feedback, monitoring KPIs, and iterating on existing solutions, staying agile in a fast-moving technology landscape.

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Take this free Microsoft assessment with Imperium Dynamics to see how Power Platform can help you in achieving your digital transformation goals.

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