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Power Platform Need Assessment is a structured evaluation process to identify and understand organization's requirements, challenges, and objectives about the Microsoft Power Platform.
This assessment is aimed at helping organizations understand how they can leverage Power Platform to solve their business needs. It can be delivered as part of a solution- or platform-led pitch, depending on where the customer is in the low-code adoption journey. It will be a 4-to-6-hour engagement in which Imperium Dynamics will focus on replacing manual processes, and paper- or Excel-based systems with automated workflows, applications, bots, dashboards, and reports. Eligible companies can get the assessment 'Free of Cost'. To know the eligibility criteria, book a free consultation call with our Power Platform experts.

Roadmap: Power Platform Needs Assessment



We interview decision-makers and stakeholders to understand their current state of business and identify challenges and opportunities for improvement.



We set up the collaborative space for finding value in the company.



Engage with key business users to help them navigate their future desired state with respect to company and customers.



Our Experts will list and validate the initiatives business can take to meet their visions and goals through solution or business value assessment.

Business Benefits of Imperium's Power Platform Needs Assessments

Imperium's Power Platform Needs Assessments empower SMBs to unlock a robust suite of data-driven benefits, propelling them towards operational excellence and agile growth. Our comprehensive evaluation process delves into your unique challenges and objectives, helping you craft a tailor-made roadmap for leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform's transformative capabilities.

Industry-Tailored Excellence

Optimizing Outcomes through Power Platform Needs Assessment

Financial Services

A comprehensive assessment will help financial institutions meet their budget and strategic goals. This proactive approach ensures organizations are complying with regulatory standards and minimizing the risk associated with compliance and misalignment of financial objectives.


In the healthcare sector, a comprehensive assessment is imperative for safeguarding patient data security and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. This analysis helps business foster trust, prevent potential regulatory violations, and ensure seamless integration with existing healthcare systems.


A pre-adoption assessment is crucial for understanding how well the Power Platform integrates with existing systems and processes within the retail sector. This evaluation prevents disruptions to operational workflows, examining the potential impact on the customer experience and maintaining high satisfaction and loyalty levels.


In the manufacturing industry, an assessment preceding Power Platform adoption focuses on aligning the platform with existing production processes and evaluating scalability. It ensures seamless integration, minimizes disruptions, and provides insights into the platform's capacity to grow with evolving production needs.

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