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Imperium Dynamics presents the free, Microsoft-sponsored Microsoft Biz Apps Use-Case Discovery, designed to create scenarios that clarify your business's digital transformation vision and serve as the blueprint for the next steps in collaboration.
Our team of industry-leading and experienced Microsoft experts will use design thinking concepts to help your business establish the primary goal for the Microsoft-based digital transformation solution. This approach encourages thinking beyond simply making existing processes more efficient.

Assessment Roadmap


Our team will conduct interviews to develop an understanding of the current state of your business, identify business challenges, and draw out opportunities for improvement. We will further observe end users to understand their user experience with your business.  


A further follow-up opportunity will be highlighted for the business to take the Business Value Assessment to validate the viability and the feasibility of the initiatives identified in this assessment.


We will engage with key business stakeholders to agree on a North Star Vision statement to define the future execution approach for transformation, identify business opportunities, and list initiatives to pursue to address your vision of the desired future state.

Next Step  

In conclusion, we will provide a summary report of the themes identified, challenges and opportunities, a North Star vision statement, and your business's next step in the digital transformation journey.

Use Cases  

Financial Industry

Thorough assessments help financial institutions identify budget and strategic goals while aligning these goals with regulations. The Envisioning Assessment can draw recommendations to optimize resource allocation and increase stakeholder confidence in the institution's financial management practices.

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