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Imperium Hourly was developed on Power Platform to simplify time reporting for employees and project management for managers. This user-friendly solution supports employees in reporting hours for projects and tasks from any device. Managers have real-time insights into project progress and resource allocation for informed decision-making. Its innate user interface and Power Platform promote organizational efficiency, improving time tracking, disciplined project management, and better productivity and profitability.


Imperium Hourly offers a comprehensive suite of features to transform your business processes:


Imperium Hourly has an inbuilt interface that organizes timesheet reporting, saves valuable employee time, and improves internal visibility. Maximize the Power Apps integration with Microsoft Teams for hassle-free time reporting directly from Teams channels.

Use Cases

Imperium Hourly caters to a wide range of industries and business models, for instance:

It simplifies time reporting for lawyers so they can retrieve accurate billing. Its model-driven app is effective for project planning, transparent processes for legal firms, and improved client invoicing.

Creative agencies can use Imperium Hourly to track utilized hours and bill clients accordingly.

School staff can clock hours in Imperium Hourly for projects like teaching and administration for better transparency and decision-making.

IT companies can use Imperium Hourly to track hours allocated to projects. They can also utilize billable and non-billable features for generating invoices.

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