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Unplanned Dynamics 365 implementation results in poor utilization of technology investment, impacts business bottom-line and hinders growth.
To help you with guided implementation, Imperium Dynamics is offering free Microsoft-sponsored Dynamics 365 Adoption Readiness Plan Assessment.
As part of this assessment, Our Dynamics 365 experts will engage with business owners and decision makers to establish a Adoption Readiness Plan for Dynamics 365. We will dive into your current business processes and technology infrastructure to identify bottlenecks in the processes and customer readiness gaps and risks. Our team will also get into discussion considering organization's knowledge, skills, culture, and mindset to devise a plan for achieving a successful implementation, end-user adoption and KPIs on business outcomes.  

Assessment Roadmap


We will start by interviewing business stakeholders (sponsor, technical & project teams) to gain insights on current or potential Dynamics 365 adoption blockers.


The assessment concludes with a Adoption Readiness Plan report which includes a strategic intent, a maturity assessment, and readiness scores for your business’s current D365 adoption, paired with recommended actions to optimize performance.


Our experts will be involved in engagement activities with your business and technical decision makers, to share insights drawn from the previous phase with aims to point out focus areas while providing a detailed plan of action to achieve identified KPIs.   

Benefits of Dynamics 365 Adoption Readiness Plan

Future Proofing

Mitigate potential obstacles in technological infrastructure hindering growth by identifying pain points and risks associated with unplanned Dynamics 365 implementation.

Maximize ROI

Identify and use Dynamics 365 to improve operations and productivity and make the most of your technology investment.

Boosted Performance and Revenue

Pinpoint process bottlenecks and customer readiness gaps to drive business growth. Implement tailored Dynamics 365 solutions to enhance operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

Successful Adoption and KPI Alignment

Develop a comprehensive plan to ensure smooth end-user adoption of Dynamics 365. Align implementation with key performance indicators (KPIs) for measurable business outcomes.


According to a Forrester study:

Organizations realized a 90 percent ROI with Dynamics 365.

Increased production volume capacity from 10% to 15% faster time-to-market.

Incremental 5% revenue for with robust Dynamics 365 implementation.

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