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Businesses are evolving and growing; and to pace up with increasing demands and address challenges that come with growth, they need to migrate to Dynamics on cloud from on-prem.  
At Imperium Dynamics, we understand how this can be a major step for your business too, hence we have introduced Microsoft sponsored free AX to D365 Assessment to help your business identify the potential of migrating from Dynamics on-premises to Dynamics 365 cloud.
This assessment evaluates your business's current Dynamics infrastructure and how it can be migrated to the Dynamics 365 cloud platform to accelerate your AI-guided journey and enhance productivity.

Assessment Roadmap for Ax to D365 Migration

Functional Assessment

Get a high-level functional review of your current Dynamics on-premises infrastructure and the functionalities of the Dynamics 365 on-cloud solution. Develop a thorough understanding of new AI and Copilot capabilities and how to leverage them to streamline operations and embrace the transition.

Technical Assessment

Next up, get a thorough solution customization analysis alongside preliminary code and existing integration reviews for Dynamics 365.

Customization Assessment

Get the evaluation report for on-premises customizations and already implemented ISV solutions.



We will help you gauge Dynamics 365 on-premises to on-cloud migration through technical, functional, and customization assessments for aligning migration scenarios with the business objectives.


Our team of experts will review and break down your current business processes to map them to relevant Dynamics 365 functionality for efficient migration.


Upon completion, we will provide you with insights on Dynamics cloud customization and suggest a list of ISV solutions for you to leverage to align migration scenarios with business objectives.


According to BCG, businesses can save up to 40% of IT operating costs by migrating to clouds.

Within the next five years, 95% of all workloads will be on the cloud, according to LLC Buddy.



Migrating from Dynamics on-premises to Dynamics 365 helps with scalability; organizations like yours easily increase or decrease their usage depending on fluctuations in user headcount, that too, without disrupting operations and maintaining efficiency.


Dynamics 365 helps improve business performance and ensures robust security, privacy, and compliance by tracking user and administrator activities, malware threats, data loss incidents, and more. Some core security features include data center security, data segregation, encryption, auditing, and monitoring.


Dynamics 365 migration addresses accessibility challenges by streamlining all communication on a single platform. This integration makes collaboration amongst employees accessible through mobile devices regardless of different locations, driving effectiveness and overall performance.

Industry-Specific Use Cases

Financial Services

Migrating from Dynamics on-premises to Dynamics 365 helps financial institutions comply with regulations and ensure data security. Access to data 24/7 can enable faster decision-making and robust reporting.

AIM for excellence with Imperium Dynamics

Book a consultation call with our Dynamics 365 experts and explore the many benefits of migrating to Dynamics 365 cloud.

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