Are you using InfoPath and looking to adapt to future technology with the powerful features of Microsoft's Power Apps? You're in the right place! We at Imperium Dynamics are proud Microsoft partners offering specialized services to make your transition smooth and hassle-free. But what's the buzz about? Well, let's break it down. InfoPath, while great in its time, is saying its goodbyes. At one of its significant events, Ignite, Microsoft unveiled Power Apps as the successor to InfoPath and recommended migrating forms to the Power Platform. So now is the time to take up the future with Power Apps. It is a game-changer in app creation and data management!
You need not to worry about the shift, though! That's where Imperium Dynamics dives in. Our expert team has your back and is ready to manage your entire migration process.

Why is Upgrading to Power Apps Crucial for Your Business?

Build custom apps without coding.

Power Apps is a tool that makes it easy to build custom applications with minimal code. Create apps quickly and easily, even if you don't have any programming experience.

Add logic and features to your apps.

With Power Apps, add conditional logic to your apps. Your apps can make decisions based on the data entered into them. You can add other app features, such as data validation and error handling.

Switch from legacy systems to advanced platforms.

Your existing system will retire soon. So, you should replace your APIs with Microsoft to keep everything on one system. It's an easy transition!

Make your transition process hassle-free

Our process? It's simple yet effective.

We assess your current InfoPath setup, understand your needs, and tailor a migration plan.

We'll move your existing data, forms, and workflows into Power Apps, ensuring everything works perfectly.

What sets us apart? Our expertise lies not just in the migration itself but also in providing guidance and support throughout the journey. We'll ensure you and your team feel comfortable navigating the Power Apps landscape.

Easy creation and deployment: Build and deploy powerful apps across different platforms, including Teams, Power BI, SharePoint, D365, and the web.

Versatility: Develop multi-screen solutions with Power Apps, including task management, detailed views, history tracking, and more.

Better data connectivity: Unlike InfoPath's limitations, Power Apps connects to multiple data sources and connectors efficiently.

Fast development: Create end-to-end business solutions within hours, compared to days or months, with InfoPath.

Benefits of Power Apps over InfoPath

Switching from InfoPath to Power Apps offers many advantages:

Just like everything else, InfoPath also has a limited lifespan. With the introduction of Power Apps, InfoPath's retirement has begun. Many businesses have moved away from InfoPath forms and switched to Power Apps. Microsoft will stop supporting InfoPath by 2026.

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